Love List

Today’s Mantra: Life begins with Love

I Love My Daughter

Yesterday would have been Sophia’s second birthday. A sad day for all of us but in remembering her, especially on this day, I feel the love I have for her swell inside me.

The Term “Pantry Day”

In response to a post I wrote the other day, Let’s Begin Again, my girlfriend told me that’s what she and her friends call a “Pantry Day” after Charlotte from Sex and the City. She hides in the pantry to get away from her children.

It made me laugh so hard because it’s true. Some days you just want to go in there to disappear for a while.

Our New Set Up

We built a big house on a small block so there are only pockets of places for the kids to play. Leo’s birthday present from his Abuela was put together last night and the kids are already enjoying it.

Growing Herbs From Seeds

Julian and I have enjoyed seeing our Basil and Parsley plants sprout up through the earth. I am still in awe of Mother Nature.


My Husband

Having him there to hold my hand or just give me a hug when needed (especially this week) is special. All he does for our family, our house and me, shows his love for us.

I adore him (even if he is annoying sometimes).


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