Let’s Begin Again

Today’s Mantra: Begin Again

Ever feel like you want to start your day over?

It’s Midday on Melbourne Cup Day and this is as far as I have gotten with my day….

Leo has a cold so that cancelled any chance of being somewhere with other kids, so the plan was to stay home in the morning, run some errands, watch the race and then prepare a couple of pizzas for my family coming over tonight.

My husband got up with the kids this morning and as he left I realised I hadn’t had a shower yet. I’d already tried to put Leo down at eight but  he was just miserable, not tired, so he spent half an hour in his cot without sleeping.

So at ninish I tried again and jumped into the shower, Julian followed and then I heard screaming.

Leo is the kind of baby you put down, leave the room and when you go and get him two hours later he is smiling his toothy grin. So he doesn’t normally scream.

I went in there sopping wet, tried to settle him, thought he was asleep, popped him down and as I walked down the hall heard the scream again.

I quickly went to check on Julian first and luckily I did as he’d flooded the bathroom by sitting on the shower drain. My ugg boot was sitting on the other drain. Awesome.

I turned off the shower and ran down the hall to stop the screaming.

Poor Julian came into Leo’s bedroom cold and wet. I hadn’t had time to dry him off. This interested Leo who was then wide awake.

I screamed and shouted for no reason but to vent my frustration and longed to get out of my wet dressing gown. Then I cried and Leo cried because I was crying.

We all went downstairs still in our pj’s.

The boys were quietly playing whilst I complained on the phone and then I wandered over to see what they were doing….sesame seeds everywhere.

They were in my pantry, pulling everything out.


I left them to it and ran upstairs to get dressed and grab the kids clothes. I was regrouping. I would get the errands done so at least my day wasn’t totally shot.

Leo threatened to fall asleep quite a bit in the car but I managed to keep him up.

I raced back home and got him into bed, made my croissant and coffee and switched on the race. At exactly 12 the image switched off leaving me with a message that this channel did not have the right to broadcast the picture.

I could have switched around my complicated TV to find the right channel but I gave up. It’s not like I had the chance to get  a sweepstake going.

Time to begin again.

My baby is sleeping, I have all the ingredients for the pizzas, I don’t have to leave the house again and there is a nice glass of red waiting to be poured when everyone gets here.

Happy Melbourne Cup Day to all of you. I hope you are dressed to the nines somewhere fancy… without children.

Have a glass of champers for me!


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