What Does Your Food Day Look Like?

Today’s Mantra: I Am What I Eat

Pete Evans posted his food day recently to a storm of controversy…and may I say bullying? People guffawed his “activated almond” consumption and “alkalised water” drinking.

It is because what he was eating was outside most people’s version of “normal” that he has been made a target. I applaud the health conscious chef but what I think doesn’t matter.

What you put into your mouth is deeply personal and born of habit, culture and taste. I’ve been guilty of “bullying” my husband and family about their choices because my health education is screaming to me “guide them, guide them”. I care about their health, well-being and longevity but in the end it’s their choice.

I love healthy food. I crave it. I love salads (always dressed) and the world of vegetable dressing is opening up to me after some amazing dishes recently. So much better than plain old steamed veges, though of course there is a place for them in the world.

Every diet for every person will be different everyday.

I think as long as you feel healthy and happy something you are doing must be right!

What does your food day look like? I’d love to have a peek into your kitchen.




  1. Wasn’t it a crazy response? To me it seemed quite a reasonable day’s eating! I am not really a fan of his though! My day would be something like this:
    Green powder
    Organic muesli with fresh fruit, rice milk, coconut oil and superfood powder,chai tea
    Varied lunches, often leftovers or a salad
    Crio bru brewed cocoa with coconut oil
    Varied dinners, usually stirfry or curry or organic meat and veges
    Fresh fruit, nuts and sometimes a little raw choccy
    Lots of purified water, one with ACV

  2. I read about this in the paper the other day and wow! Here I was thinking everyone ate like that, lol. My food day (incl. as much organic produce as possible):
    – hydrated Mila with squeeze of lemon
    – almond-milk based smoothie, normally with seeds, maca, cacao, avocado, spinach and more Mila thrown in (thanks Thermomix!) – I try to remember to hydrate my almonds, but it’s hit and miss.
    – quinoa muesli with fresh fruit (though tried Quirky Cooking’s breakfast sorbet instead the other morning – awesome)
    – handful nuts, seeds, dried fruit
    – big fresh salad with dressing
    – more nuts, more Mila
    – varied dinner incl. lots of veg, often fish
    – lots of water
    – a coffee every now and again
    – icecream or raw chocolate (my vices, particularly now at 33 weeks preggas)

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