Hi! I’m Nicola

I believe that inner peace is one of the most important things you can cultivate in yourself.

Especially as a Mother. Calm is truly a super power when you have kids right?

We can all be amazing role models for our kids by showing them how to be content, joyful and free.

Yoga and Meditation are such incredible tools for inner transformation and I can’t freaking wait to teach them to you.

I want to give to you what has been gifted to me.

Meditations you can play when you need to feel more peaceful, centred and heart-based.

Yoga postures to get you out of a bad mood, lift your energy and make you feel alive.

Blog posts that inspire you and give you direction for living a better life.

Social Media posts to remind you of your goals.

A practice that you can take with you anywhere, to use in any situation, to become your true self.

The self you sometimes meet on holiday, or on a good night out.

The human you know you want to be.

Let me take you to her.