Love List

Love list day is a great reminder for me to reflect on the week that’s been and think about the things that I am most thankful/most excited about.

This Week a Few Major Things:

Written book edit completed + my grandparents sold their house + we got new dining chairs and sold our old ones within hours + my brother turned 31 + my husband killing it at work + karma with a  diesel engine + Book club girl’s night out

Plus a Few Little Ones:

My Tough Cookie

Leo had his one year old vaccinations yesterday. Three needles. I’d been dreading them but he took it like a man – not a peep from him. Julian was entertaining him and he sucked in fast on his dummy when they pricked him but he did so well!


All Signs Point to Meditation

One of my goals for this year is to meditate more. I was lucky enough this week to find some time to hit the couch with my guided meditation iphone apps. It’s very amateurish and I’m not strict with myself about focusing on one thing or nothing. I just let my mind wander…and you know what? I love it!

I am relaxed and refreshed when I get up again and that’s the whole point. I’m too tired to be looking for enlightenment.

Also two of my blogger friends mentioned going to courses on meditation this week…you can read about Mamacino’s experience here.

Some Decent Meals

I have never posted so many pics of food on facebook and my thermo has definitely been getting a workout.

  • I’m still trying variations of this recipe but have nearly mastered the spanish tortilla in the thermo
  • Spaghetti vongole (clams) – I found a Jamie recipe for the wine/garlic/parsley sauce and it is delicious and so, so quick
  • Chilli mussels – possibly my favourite thermomix dinner – always restaurant quality
  • Pasta bake with ricotta – mmmm
  • Some yummy omlettes for breaky


Paring Down and Simplifying

Another of my goals this year is to simplify my life – starting with my house.  I want to get rid of all the things we don’t need which hopefully will give me less tidying to do and less mess. It also feels cleansing to get rid of things and I am consciously trying not to buy anything superfluous to our needs. So I have been passing on the love to others. One person’s trash….

Fruit of the Season

It really makes me happy when we get our organic delivery and the kids jump up and down. There was definite cause to celebrate this week when we had our first rockmelon and watermelon of the season!

I hope your week was just as exciting. 

I look forward to hearing your Love List this week. 



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