Validation Needed

I don’t work.

Well, I do work but it’s not a societal definition of what “work” is.

I don’t clock on, I don’t clock off.

My job is Mum 24/7.

No pay. No holidays.

One of my favourite times of day is when I get up, get Leo his milk, make myself a coffee and then don’t move until I finish every last drop. I curl up on the couch, with my phone or ipad and read what the overseas bloggers have posted during my sleep time.


So I stumbled across this post by Tara Mohr on being an expert. How women shy away from this type of exclamation because we feel that we don’t know enough or don’t have the right qualifications.

Which lead me to get thinking on how I define my blogging.

I often say, when people ask me what I do, that I do nothing, I have little kids. Oh and I also blog.

It’s an after thought and I come across, I think, like I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I do this.

When do I get to call this work? Or when do I say “I’m a writer.”

If I got a sponsor?

If I got a paid gig? If so, then how many paid gig’s do I need before I am a writer?

So this week my girlfriend and I finished the final written edit on a book we’ve been working on for about a year now. It will head into design stage now and then at some stage we will promote it and it will be available to purchase.

I finished the edit this morning and was like, cool that’s off my to-do list.

But we wrote a freaking book.

So I am going to celebrate it by doing a little dance, here, by myself in my living room (Ally McBeal style…). Oh and by the way this is my 200th post – 200!!

Join me if you like, if you feel like you have something to celebrate?

Maybe you did something awesome that you over-looked?

Or maybe it’s just that you are already pretty special and you don’t take enough time to validate yourself? 

Tell me what it is – I want to know! I’ll help you encourage yourself. 



  1. I know what you mean! I always get asked if I work and like you never know what to answer! But my answer to some is ‘I work 24/7 being a mum the hardest most rewarding job I’ve ever done!’ I get some interesting reactions!
    Congrats on getting there with your book! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. congrats hon that you have finished! well done and some very good advice for the novice like me who wants to learn how to eat better! You do brilliantly hon and u need a great big pat on the back, u and Bec , getting all that done while caring for your cheeky monkeys is quite a feat . good on u both xx

  3. Gee, if we aren’t experts on being mums, I don’t know who is! Writing a book is an amazing thing to do, I am in awe of you…people ask me all the time to write a book…I say…about what! I will join in your happy dance because I went to my first meditation class today, and it was awesome xx

  4. Nic! Well done you! I think you are awesome. I thank you for your WORK as i am regularly entertained with your day’s activities and in absolute awe of how you squeeze such regular posts into your day with two energetic boys! Xxx

  5. I ran 1.5 miles yesterday. I’m training for a couch-to-5k in February (gulp!) and haven’t ever been a runner (except in high school volleyball where my hitler/coach made me run till I puked).

    It felt fantastic.

    Except when I was running. Then I felt tired. 🙂

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