I Love Mondays

Today’s Mantra: It’s never too late to be who you might have been

I never used to.

I’m still not sure it is something I should say aloud either because I feel for all those people out there, hating Mondays and hating their jobs.

I used to be that person.

Even before I became a mother, I got brave and I quit. With no fall back plan. With no funds to be so bold. But I did it and everything fell into place, as it always does.

So back to Mondays.

The weekend gives me a much needed breather from the everyday. Kind of like a mini-holiday. I sometimes get ten minutes to myself, I sometimes get a couple of hours but each minute counts.

On holidays I find myself re-planning, re-evaluating and re-moulding my life. Wishing that when I get back it can be different, more improved, shinier. The weekends do this for me on a small scale.

I get to plan my week. Work out what is needed to be achieved. Plan ahead for those inevitable disaster days.

Monday for me is full of hope.

I don’t plan play dates or outings. I start with the most annoying stuff first whilst I’m buoyed up and full of energy. House cleaning, washing, writing lists of presents to buy, things to organise, cook some of the kids meals, shopping for food.

Then I move onto projects and writing and things that are for me during nap-time.

I feel organised on Mondays. Even if the rest of the week is a shambles I can usually count Monday as a good day.

This week I’m ahead of myself.

Leo and I have had our fruit and vegetables for the day with a yummy green breakfast smoothie of capsicum, spinach, kiwi fruit and orange. I did a ton of washing over the weekend so all I need to do is fold and put away.

Project, “Cull clutter” is nearly over and the cupboards are emptying satisfactorily.

We even had our usual Monday night family dinner on a Sunday afternoon, to celebrate my Mother-in-law’s new house that has finally been started.


Today is mine for the taking.

What do your Monday’s look like?


  1. Mine looks just like yours! and after 8 years of not being in full time work, I still get that little joyous tingling feeling on Sunday night when I remember I don’t have a job to go to in the moning (well, apart from my ‘job at home’, so to speak…) x

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