An Especially Happy Birthday

Today’s Mantra: Dream your dreams with eyes open and make them come true

It’s 6:45am. My littlest child has been up, had milk, played and is back in bed for his first snooze of the day. I think his voracious appetite and my need to keep him quiet (put him in the highchair and give him food) has given him a bit of a sore stomach.

It’s one of those mornings though where I don’t know where to start. I want to write, I want to read my book club book, I’ve decided to get an app to learn better Spanish. I’m also bummed that I’m up this time of the morning and it’s not for Bikram Yoga (they do a 5:45am class that I will never get to).

I think little Leo is a bit off his routine because of last night.

It was my Gran’s 77th birthday and for some reason I suggested a restaurant. My Mum had been talking about a great restaurant they’d been to and I thought if we get there early enough we will be out of there and on the way home by 7pm.

I got Julian a haircut at 5pm which was just gorgeous. He can keep up a steady stream of conversation, prompted or not, with just about anyone these days. Topics of conversation? His clothes, his hair, what we did that day, Ben 10, Spiderman and his cars.

We ended up at the restaurant early around 5:40pm and everyone got there soon after. I pushed for us to order straight away and we did, surprising the laid back staff. When it took over twenty minutes to get our drinks I was slightly worried.

When Leo demanded milk at 6:00pm and the starters hadn’t arrived it looked like we’d be getting take away. Everyone had a shot at settling Leo and we all tried to calm down my enthusiastic first born who was so excited to be with everyone he was squealing at the top of his lungs.

At ten to seven the food finally arrives and I wolf mine down, trying to avoid getting Leo’s hands in the curry as he reaches out from my lap. Everyone is relaxed and having a good time and all I can think about is getting my babies home to their beds. Joy kill.

My Gran looks happy, she’s got Julian chatting away to her, a glass of champagne in front of her and a full plate. Her opened presents are on the ground, an individual teapot (so she can enjoy nicer leaf tea) from us and a gorgeous wallet from my brother and sister-in-law. My parents had taken her and my Grandpa out to a play, dinner and the casino on Saturday .

My Mum walks out to take a phone call and comes back with the best present of all. Mum and Dad have just bought a brand new unit, near them, for my Granparents to live in.

I have to say I haven’t seen my Grandfather look as happy in years. No more huge garden to take care of. No more gutters to clean (he gets on the roof and does it himself), no more lawn to mow and the clincher to his happiness, the garage door will be automatic. At the moment he has to open and close it manually.

My Gran looks more reserved but pleased, maybe it’s the daunting realization that they now have to get the house they’ve lived in for over twenty years ready for sale. Or maybe she’ll be sad to leave the house and her comfort zone.

I am thrilled. They will be so much closer and I will be able to bring the kids over weekly for visits.

Congratulations to everyone, this will be a positive step in all our lives I’m sure.


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