Today’s Mantra: The truth is inside you

It’s started.

The embarrassing, hilariously funny observations and the all important question Why?

Yesterday we had a few tradie’s out our house. Julian asks in a very loud voice why one of the men “has a very long head”. Cue shhhhhing from me and a lecture on not saying things like that to people as it might hurt their feelings. But it was true, he did have a rather long head.

He asked me the other day who gave Leo the brown hair. I started talking about DNA and our families and then gave up and simply said, “God.”

“Who’s God?”

Ummm, “Well honey, he’s the creator of everything.”

“Is he like Gordon?”


“Gordon from Thomas?”

“No, honey, nothing like Gordon.”

“But who’s he like?”

Ummmm. “Can you get out of the shower now, we’re going to be late.”

I read that a four year old asks on average 447 questions a day.

We have a year to work up to that but does that mean I’ll have to answer them all? Possibly, but I’m giving out all sorts of information and very likely some of that information will be wrong.

How honest are we to be? Where’s the rule book? The guidelines? My cheat sheet for the answers!!

My brain is going to explode as it tries to remember why there are rainbows, why some trees are taller than others, the names of different types of vehicles, how a gas fire works, reasons for why all the cars on the road aren’t going to kindy and how the Wiggles get in the TV.

Oh, he just asked a good one. Why are you young in that picture? It was my wedding picture…only five years ago Jules. But thanks.

I don’t think the Quizmaster will be letting up any time soon, though sometimes he takes a break.

Maybe we can all take a leaf out of his book and ask ourselves questions. Why are we doing this job? Living this kind of life? Are we satisfied? Content? Happy? Grateful?

If not why not?

The more questions you ask the closer you will be to finding your answer.

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