Australian Bush Essences – What’s The Deal?

Ok, so I have been taking my own personal blend of bush essences for a month or too.

It wasn’t to improve my health it was more to aid my personal growth. I got my blend from the Naughty Naturopath Mum I told Alisha that my goal was to increase my confidence and increase my openness and authenticity.

A hard task for some drops some would say but I felt over the last few weeks like I’ve had a truth serum running through my veins and even if I’ve given answers people don’t want to hear or said the “wrong” thing, I no longer dwell on it. It was from my heart and I was just being honest.

The only warning I should have been given by the Naughty Naturopath Mum was not to mix with alcohol. The truth serum had me in a deep and meaningful with my husband – who thought me a drunken rambler.

Now I wanted to share with you my experiences of bush essences but then wanted to turn you over to the expert, to answer the questions you and I may have about them.

Tell me a little about bush essences Alisha….

In a nutshell, the essences provide energetic release of stored issues that may be blocking you from achieving emotional and physical balance.

The body is always trying to reach a state of balance but due to living life with all it’s stresses and busyness, we sometimes carry the road blocks that prevent us from getting where we want to go.

Once the emotion or memory has been released from the subconscious, the physical issue that came about from this emotion has the freedom to go back into balance.

That’s why I call my blends balance in a bottle! You can have them made specifically for YOUR physical and/or emotional imbalance x

 The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine that work similarly to homeopathics in that they treat the ‘energy’ body. Although the flower essences differ in the fact that they treat emotional states and are prescribed more by the basis of how the person is currently feeling or what the desired emotions the person would like to be feeling again. 

They can also be prescribed via physical issues, iris markings and intuitively.

Ian White, a scientist and 5th generation herbalist,  is the founder of this type of medicine and since 1987, Ian has travelled Australia to find the native flowers to make each remedy and now naturopaths, medical doctors, pharmacists and energy healers work with them on the basis that when emotional balance is restored, true healing can occur.

 How do they work?

 I wish I knew! LOL! My understanding is that the energies of the flowers vibrate at a frequency that can then change the frequency of the person’s current one, bringing about alignment in the area that’s needed.  I know there is more to it and when I studied the course in my Naturopathy studies, we went a lot more in-depth as the science behind it is quite fascinating but that was in 1997 and now all my memory retains is what flower does what as there are over 70 of the flower essences!

 Why do they work?

 They work so well because they provide the most gentle and subtle shift that cascades into quite large and dramatic changes.  It sometimes only takes a gentle nudge to create the largest change and this is also why they are so great for all ages.  Safe for babies and children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pets and everyone really! They can be taken alongside any prescription medications or supplements and they don’t interfere with these.  

Who takes them and for what?

Anyone and everyone can take them for absolutely any imbalance you can think of! Whether it’s physical or emotional, there is a blend of essences for it! 

The most common remedies I seem to make up cover treating anxiety, stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, ADHD, digestive issues, concentration, memory and focus, motivation, purpose and life direction, grief, moving on and letting go of old hurts and traumas, addictions and obsessive type behaviours, bed wetting, teething, weight issues, I could go on and on here!

 How long would you take them for? For example I am pretty happy at this place in my life –do I stop taking them now and see how I feel or do I need to stay on them?

 The way to know if you need them still is if you have been on a blend and once stopping them or finishing the bottle you start to feel different…this means that there is longer time on the frequency of your blend needed as your body has not fully taken the vibrational change in and so upon stopping using the flowers frequencies, you start to feel the way you did before starting them again.  You know you do not need to continue a particular blend when you notice no difference upon stopping them.  This means the essences have done their job for now.

 How did you get into them?

They were subjects within my Naturopathy studies and I just clicked with them straight away.  I made them an important part of my practice when working in clinic as I never believed in sending my client home with herbs and supplements alone as that would be denying them the most important part of healing – the emotional healing.  As I stated earlier, without emotional balance restored – the road to healing is not so easy to achieve.  

Now, as a Stay at Home Mum, the essences are something I can prescribe via e-mail through some in-depth questioning and a fair bit of knowledge and practice in this arena now.  So they have really been something that has probably been the most important modality to me especially in terms of helping people reach major breakthroughs with their health.

 How much are they?

 For the personal blends which are the most effective way of treating people emotionally and physically because we are dealing with THEIR specific issues, the charge is $60 which includes the e-mail consult and remedy.

For a ready made blend, they are $15 and can help with babies and young children who we might not know what specifically they are feeling or for people who do not have time or space to look so far within.

 Some of these ready made blends can be just as powerful if we hit upon the right blend for the right person. 

 Blend names include Emergency Essence, Calm and Clear, Dynamis, Cognis, Woman, Purifying, Travel, Relationship, Confid, Space clearing, Abund, Transition, Heartsong and more 

For more information and an abundance of information on health head over the Naughty Naturopath Mum’s website here.


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