How To Organically Garden

I did it!!

Finally – I worked out the weird code and got my brain to focus on words like compost, soil quality, plant food and seeds.

I used to google gardening tips but nothing made sense to me until I stumbled upon this article

I could do that! I could get some leaves together, buy some organic compost, manure, organic mulch, get some paper scraps together and get my children to pee on it! Perfect.

So I gathered my items together and got out the shovel.



I worked so hard and lost my kids after the tenth load of soil that I pulled out of the existing garden and carted to the empty block beside us. My hubby put Julian’s garden together but it was still just me out in the trenches.

The soil was the hard part. Once that was done I just dug some little holes for my seeds.

Now we wait.

We are waiting for:






I may have been over-enthusiastic with my seed dropping and it may end up being a survival of the fittest in the garden….but…..I did it!!

And you can too! I didn’t have much space and know nothing about gardening but it was super-easy!!!

The last picture was taken today…just four days after planting.



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