Ok, After This Post I Will Stop Going On About It…I Promise!

A big thank you to Therese Kerr for posting my review of her new book Lunchbox Solutions, not only on her own website here  but also on my favourite blog, Kora Organics.

I am honoured to be on there… but I am not delusional. I understand that it is not my witty writing or amazing health discoveries that have got me on there.

Still its a thrill.

How did I go with the recipes? I was slightly too ambitious.

I didn’t get any of the treats baked and I am yet to make the sushi and rice paper rolls (but I have all the ingredients). I did however make the Chicken Stock, Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto, Arancini, Tamari Fish, Tuna Salad and the Chicken Salad.

Last night I was going to make the lamb and sweet potato patties but realised that I needed a pasta sauce to add to them which I didn’t have. Not too worry, using the base ingredients I made a lamb mince and sweet potato curry with quinoa.

I also used the lunchbox ideas to round out Julian’s kindy lunch yesterday. He had a tuna sandwich (he was going to have the tamari fish wrap but he asked for seconds at dinner and ended up eating the piece of fish I’d ear-marked for that), a boiled egg, popcorn and some crackers.

All the recipes I’ve tried have been easy and super quick. Julian asked for seconds and thirds of the the tamari fish and the risotto. They have also been really tasty and I am impressed with everything so far.

I did go to order the ingredients for the LA Confidential Bars. They called for nearly 500 grams of walnuts. Organic walnuts are nearly $50 a kilo. So between the walnuts and the rest of the ingredients it was going to be a very, very expensive slice to make. As my baking skills are hit and miss I thought I might try it with regular walnuts first!

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