Pin Guilt

Today’s Mantra (Affirmation): You Is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important!

Pinterest is making me feel guilty.

The sheer volume of “Craft for Kids” pins that are on there is insane. It literally feels like the whole world is crafting with their kids daily.

Along with baking, arts and craft could count as one of the things I dread most.

Making invites with my fellow bridesmaids?  I bet you could pick mine out of a line up.

Pictionary? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Playdoh? Yes, Julian that is a dinosaur… (immensely long pause) but where Mummy?

So I was sitting last night on my computer (huge Saturday night) and I was going through Pinterest. I almost pinned some craft to alleviate my guilt.

But you know what pin mummies?

Good on you.

It’s a huge interest for a lot of people. My friends love it and a lot of them are immensley talented at it. It relaxes them and gives them pleasure. It is something they probably looked forward to doing with their kids since before conception.

For me it’s up there with ironing. If you can’t do something well….

Don’t worry though Julian and Leo. We will read, make up stories, run in the park, spend a ton of time at the beach and go to places (and friends houses) where they set up, direct and clean up craft. We also have two gorgeous dogs that you’ll have a whale of a time with.

For everyone who is feeling inadequate (including me), remember that the things that you can’t do can sometimes underpin the things that you do well.

That’s not right.

Let’s celebrate our differences and differing interests. 

I think that’s what Pinterest is all about.


  1. We r crafting everyday with our children :).
    You know with all that time between making breakfast, lunch, dinner, ironing, laundry, unloading the dishwasher, picking up toys & changing diapers, there is 5 min for those cool crafts. Have a blessed day.

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