My Top Ten Tips For A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul (Guest Post by Kristin from Mamacino)

Happy Public Holiday Monday!

As I sit in my pj’s (kid-free) and post this, I’m making intentions this week to be more organised.

Kristin from the blog Mamacino epitomises what health is to me and I think her key is fantastic organisation.

Kristin just seems to take her family’s food intolerances in her stride, always coming up with some new, fantastic way of making delicious food.

She also (like me) is on a journey for happiness and contentment and her blog shares her personal experiences with meditation, yoga and her strive for simplicity.

Below she shares tips to be both a Healthy Mama and a Goddess!

My Top Ten Tips for a healthy Body, Mind and Soul.

Hi everyone!  I’m Kristin.  I am, amongst other things, a mum to three spirited children.  All of my kids have various food intolerances and my learning and research into all things food highlighted my own health issues. This was the starting point in our journey towards good health and the reason I began writing my blog, mamacino.    We live a simple life by the beach and try very hard to keep things real – real food, real family, real love.

I am grateful to Nicola for asking me to write this post.  It has given me an opportunity to really think about what ‘healthy’ looks like for me.  As a mum, we are so good at looking after everyone else’s needs first and neglecting our own.  I learnt, the hard way, that this does not serve anyone.  So here are my top ten health tips for mums.  I don’t get it right every day, but that’s just fine…small steps lead to big things.


Your body is a temple, not a playground…

You absolutely are what you eat, and what we eat fuels us, gives us the energy we need not just to make it through the day but to enjoy our day.  Eat wholefoods – vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, good fats like avocado and coconut oil, good quality grains, good quality meat, water – and plenty of it.  Go easy on caffeine and alcohol.  There is no fun in being hungry so fill up on great food and listen to your body, it knows what it needs.  Nourish yourself!

Move it or lose it…

Move your body every day and choose an activity that you like! The key to keeping motivated when it comes to exercise is to make it something you enjoy and keep it short, but regular.  Are you really going to do the 2 hour Elle McPherson Workout Video every day? Probably not, but a brisk 20 minute walk to the shops to meet a friend for a Smoothie…I’d say that’s doable.

Straighten yourself out…

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that pregnancy and giving birth is stressful on your body! Multiply that by two, or three and it’s a miracle we can move at all!  During my recent health crisis, I was advised to see a Holistic Chiropractor.  Having my body cleared out and loosened up made a tremendous difference to my well being so if it takes you more than a few minutes to reach an upright position after you crawl out of bed in the morning, seek help!  Ask around for recommendations for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Bowen Therapists or Remedial Massage Therapists…it is well worth it!


A little extra help…

If you are not getting all that you need from what you are eating, ask a professional about taking some supplements.  Naturopaths are great for prescribing a little extra help when our bodies are being taxed the most.  I take a good multi-vitamin, zinc and B6, chlorophyll in my water and sometimes magnesium to help with sleep, however, we are all different and have different needs…it’s amazing the difference it can make!


Choose Sleep…

I truly think the one major shock we get as mums is how debilitating sleep deprivation can be.  Rest and sleep is just so crucial to the well being and health of the busy mum.  Now, I had three children who were terrible sleepers so I understand that sometimes, you don’t get a choice, but when you do, choose sleep.  I strive for lights out by 10.30pm because those hours before midnight, they’re gold.

Living in the moment…

Do you ever find yourself staring in to the fridge with an armful of dirty washing thinking…huh? This isn’t right! Ever since reading Buddhism for Mothers, by Sarah Napthali, I have tried to bring mindfulness to my day.  Slow down! Breathe! Give yourself a moment to think about what you are doing, listen to your body and how you are feeling and make decisions accordingly.  Even if you have to lock yourself in the toilet for a few minutes to do so!

Just Say No…

And that brings me to my next point which, I know, is pretty radical!  Not convenient to mind your neighbours three young boys right now? Not really interested in being on the Kindergarten Council which meets at 8pm every Monday evening? Can’t cope with playing one more game of hide and seek with your toddler? Just say no.  It’s okay to put yourself and your own needs first sometimes, actually, it’s essential.  Allow your mind to have some space, busy-ness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!


Phone a friend…

Being a mum can be lonely and quite isolating.  Caring for small children can be so consuming and sometimes we forget to connect with others.  Make the time, it’s crucial.  Find a friend who you can share a good chat and a laugh with, even if you do have to battle through constant interruptions.  I never feel more uplifted than after a good session with my mates.

Reward yourself…

As a mum, you work so hard so reward yourself!  Find something you love a do a little of it every day…here are some of my favourites…read a magazine, treat yourself to a new delicious herbal tea, buy or borrow a new book on a topic you love (always Italy for me) and read for half an hour while the kids are asleep, go to a café for a chai latte, have a bath, wax your legs, make what you want to eat for dinner, wear your dangle-y earings, the list goes on.  There is time, you just have to prioritise which I know can be easier said than done, but it can be done, so do it!

Spiritual Practice…

You don’t have to go to church to get in touch with your spirituality.  Some might like to meditate, others write in a gratitude journal.  Some might like to pray, while others might like to scale sheer rock faces to get in touch with God.  Me, I like to do yoga.  I find it grounding, relaxing and it gives my mind the space it needs.  I find I am a much nicer mum after I’ve been to yoga, kinder to my family and kinder to myself.

Green Goddess Dip

Original recipe from Teresa Cutter: The Healthy Chef but you can really change it up to suit whatever you have in the fridge that’s green!

This is my favourite summer dip and I’d love to share it with you!  It tastes great with chopped up vegetables, with corn chips, spread on sandwiches…whatever you like.  It is very easy to make and really good for you.

What you need:

Flesh of two ripe avocados

A handful of baby spinach leaves

A handful of herbs – parsley, coriander, mint…

A handful of pepitas

Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste

Some water to thin a little if required

Blend all ingredients in a blender, food processor or Thermomix until creamy and dip-like.  Enjoy!


What did you think of Kristin’s Tips? I love hearing your thoughts.

Please make sure you go and say hi to Kristin at – she is super cool and really friendly! Also check out her facebook page where she’s posted her meal plan this week. 


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