Love List

Today’s Mantra: My Dreams Are Within Reach

My first love list of the year.

As always there is tons to love about this week. I’m madly spending Christmas vouchers (can’t wait for my Loving Earth delivery!) and checking out options for some new furniture online. I’ve also been making great use of the new playroom with many visits from friends…my favourite visit ended with impromptu pina coladas!

My Little Walker

Every time I turn around this week Leo is toddling from couch to table or just walking behind me. It’s gorgeous and he has the most ridiculously proud smile on his face.


My new phone cover for the Iphone 5. 

My husband asked if it was real. I told him yes, I do usually spend my days swanning around King Street so I picked a little something up at Chanel while I was there.


My new gym/yoga towel

Despite the fact I have not yet opened it or been anywhere where I may sweat – I am happy to have this on my shelf – ready and waiting.


My head pasta chef

 We made parpadelle for the first time this week which was delicious and so easy. Julian had his own little pile (which was handled probably more than it should be) that he turned into some beautiful pasta. He now wants his own apron (it was a bit big for him) and his own pasta maker (a blue one).


Being Kind

To myself.

At the end of the day instead of berating myself for not getting A, B and C done…I’ve been patting myself on the back for what I have done (which is actually quite a lot when you think about it!!).

Meditation Apps

I have been scrolling through the options on the app store and haven’t yet decided but I am looking forward to getting back to some guided meditation ten minutes a day. If anyone has recommendations of any good ones let me know! 

Family Time

With Daniel back at work it’s been nice to see him making an effort to play with them and spend some time at the end of the day…we’ve even had a few lunchtime visits. I think he misses seeing them so much which is just gorgeous.

How was your week? What did you love the most about it? 


  1. My week was fantastic. A flower that is very difficult to get to bloom, bloomed this week… three in fact, during the hottest nights so far in 2013. It looks like a lotus and flowers only on very hot nights, for one night. It is sooooo magnificent. That was my highlight this week.

    But your little walking boy is the best!

  2. These are great little moments!
    My favorite this week has got to be being invited out for breakfast by a new group of friends 😉 We recently moved, and I always find it rather daunting getting to know new people, but I think I “lucked out” here ;-))
    And baby girls NEW laugh… The funniest little chuckle!

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