My Top Ten Tips for Health

So I have been asking around for everyone’s health tips – but what are mine?

I must say that this health pursuit is one hell of a roller coaster ride. Nothing seems to be set in stone and there is no holy grail of health.


Because we are all different. We are all individuals and our tastes, style and even the way our body metabolises food is different.

Nearly every health book I’ve read is earnest, sincere and informative…it works for the author and they truly believe that this is the path to wellness.

It’s also easy to get caught up and believe…because there are statistics out there that can prove them right…but there are also statistics that can prove them wrong.

So you must set your own path. So this is a map to my well of health.

1. Eat naturally and as organically as possible.

Full cream, full fat, rich chocolate. They are all on my everyday eating list. I don’t deprive myself – I just eat real and probably 90% organic. On holiday last year when there was nothing organic or natural within easy reach I felt sluggish and awful. I was so happy to see my pantry when I got home!


2. Move It

I don’t have a lot of time/inclination for formal exercise at the moment and so I berate myself and try and commit to something because I feel guilty… but you know what? I don’t sit down during the day (I even type standing up most of the time) – my children won’t let me. There is always something needed, whether it’s a drink, lunch or to be picked up. I also walk up and down stairs about a million times a day, most of the time with a 10kg weight in my arms. These kids are the best personal trainer a girl could have. Stuff the guilt – I need to rest more!!

3. Fun

It’s easy to forget this one. Especially if you are being stringent about what your eating (it is so easy to get obsessive!). Relax – do something you enjoy. Let your hair down once in a while and remember the 80/20 rule. This year one of my major resolutions is to make more opportunities to let fun back into my life!


4. Juicing

A new(ish) tool to my arsenal. I love the fact that my family and I are eating bags of spinach, kale, beetroot, carrots and apples weekly and even my baby Leo cries out for more. I actually have to start ordering a lot more produce to get a glass for each of us. I would love to increase that to two glasses a day by the end of the year. It just is an adjustment getting used to the volume of produce needed!!

5. Superfood 

Supplements are a great way to load in the nutrients for very little effort. For me I throw them in a quick and easy smoothie with some coconut water and almond milk (add a banana if you want a little more bulk and sweetness). It works with anything, spirulina, maca, acai, goji berries, cocao, just add whatever you have in the house.


6. Meditation

This is high on my list of health tools to incorporate this year. I felt fantastic after daily practice for six months last year but I let it go when my three year old started letting go of his daily nap time. I just need to find another regular time that suits me. Meditation clears my head, gives me a fresh burst of energy and strengthens my mind buy forcing me to stop thinking.


7. Rest and Sleep

I am a big believer in eight hours sleep but over the last year despite getting this I didn’t feel better. It wasn’t until I went to a naturopath and he asked if I slept deeply that it clicked – it’s the quality of sleep that counts. He put me on some vitamins to help adjust my hormonal balance and I now put my head down at night and wake up in the morning with no memory of the in between.

8. Love

You can’t be happy and healthy without some love in your life. Just hanging out with my family or friends or my hubby and kids makes me feel better. With so many gorgeous people in my life there is always some event to look forward to, someone to have a coffee or drink with or lean on when I need support.

9. Chemical-Free

It’s taken nearly two years but I’d say my cupboards are nearly there. My make-up and hair-care have been the last to have the chemical-free overhaul but I am pretty happy with the results! There is just as much glamour and marketing in the organic products so it has been hard to choose between the brands. My organic mascara is probably my favourite change as it is so easy to get off at the end of the day. No more panda eyes in the morning!!

10. Touch

Where would your kids be without a cuddle when they’re upset or a kiss to make it all better? The same applies with adults. Sometimes all it takes is a hug to make everything better.

Can anyone relate to these health tips? What are your must-do’s for wellness? 


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