A Not So Ordinary Day

I had an amazing day.

When I say amazing, I mean extra-ordinary. My oldest child had a 3.5 hour sleep – unheard of!

Plus, I actually…I was going to say cleaned… but this could qualify as a spring-clean. I cleared linen cupboards, kitchen cupboards, laundry cupboards, pantry cupboards. I was on one hot roll.

I usually bail halfway through the project and it ends up worse than before…but like I said, extra-ordinary day.

This day was supposed to turn out differently.  We needed to go shopping  (I SMSed our neighbours for both bread and milk this morning)  plus we’ve got playgroup in the afternoon (we didn’t make it) .

Leo is having really good sleeps in the morning…if he’s in his bed. So I’ve had to adjust our schedule and on non-kindy days we are here till 10:30ish. We used to leave the house for playdates and fun stuff by about 9pm BL (before Leo). The extra pj time is sometimes welcome and sometimes a burden. Depends on the mood.

I usually online shop wherever I can. If I can get a truck taking stuff to my door I’ll do it. I get nappies, wine, dog food, organic fruit and veg and anything else I need delivered on a weekly basis. Sometimes though, especially with bread and milk, my planning and organisation goes astray…or Coles is just out of my organic milk and I am stranded.

I never shopped with Julian as a baby. We never had trolley time as I was able to stroll to the nearest IGA, with my snug as a bug in the pram. Now that we’ve moved, a shop stroll can be classified as serious exercise. Especially as I would be pushing a pram with a 25kg load.

So today Leo went to bed at 9am. Jules and I got some one-on-one time and thanks to thecreativemummy.wordpress.com and her pins on pinterest I had a new game for us to do. It’s called the alphabet game and we pick out one letter at a time and try and name words starting with that letter.

Now my son is not yet three but he’s going to be the youngest in his class. I’m pretty happy to let kindy teach the way…but I am slightly worried that he won’t know stuff…because I didn’t take the time to tell him. He can count and name his colours and shapes but seems less inclined to learn his letters. So I saw the game and I thought it’d be a nice way to help him out. It didn’t take long and Jules is excited to pick out three new letters tomorrow.

Leo woke early and I wasn’t prepared as I was still doing stuff. With him awake the cupboard I was tackling took longer, plus I hadn’t even started on the kitchen. By the time I was finished it was time to put him down again. He went for a sleep and I was bouncing from room to room, excited by the promise of clean but terrified I wasn’t focused enough to follow through.

While Leo was asleep, Julian was making the slow decline to tragic. There were tears, tantrums, falls and boogers (these are very dramatic and I must run for a tissue immediately).  As soon as Leo gets up we get in the car, Ju Ju falls asleep and there is peace.I transfer him onto the couch and my house starts to sparkle. I get very happy with myself.

When Jules wakes up (4:15pm!!!!) I am literally standing in front of him, Leo in arms, bouncing from foot to foot. He looks up at me blearily, “Mum?”

“Let’s go to the shops!! I’ll buy you…things.”

I was starting to get concerned there would be no dinner and another sms to the neighbours in the morning, for the same provisions, so I was slightly antsy.

At the shops, they were perfect and we had moments. You know the moments where you think, “I’ll definitely remember this?”

The rest of the day was full of them.

They were so cute in the trolley. It was the first time Leo went in one of those capsule/trolleys and then Jules was in the main part, with my bag. There actually wasn’t that much room for food but he stacked it around him professionally.

At home I got heaps of  “I love you Mum”. When my hubby got home and I put Leo down for the night I came down to find them dosey-doing to Daryl Bratihwaite’s Horses.

So gorgeous, wish I had a photo of that!




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