You Have To Fall To Know How To Pick Yourself Up

I feel like telling you about my day.

Because I rejoice in the errors. With self-awareness, the breaking of patterns and consciously trying to be a better person,  I know that I am onto something.

But I only know this through making errors.

Last night I went to bed too late. I read too much, listened to a podcast and missed my window. I tossed and turned for over half an hour…after knowing I’d got myself into bed already too late.

So this morning I wake up sticky-eyed with Leo crying for me to go get him. I stumble down the hallway trying to list the things I’m grateful for but all I keep thinking is “I’ve missed my peace and quiet window”. The time of the day where I happily wake up, get on my meditation cushion then slip downstairs for a quiet coffee before the rest of my house gets up.

I struggle through writing a meal plan for my site and send it off for review – knowing I didn’t check it over thoroughly enough.

I move on to the tasks of the day. Feeding the zoo. Watering the plants. All without much gratitude. A heavy weight dragging my feet. I reluctantly drag some compost around for some much needed nutrition for my garden – getting the soil all over me and the plants.

Then I take Leo to swimming.

Julian refuses to come out of the car. I threaten that strangers will smash the window to come get him (not my finest hour).

Now let me explain about swimming. Swimming is a “should” on my list and I was resentful of having to go in the first place. He has two lessons left and the water awareness part Leo has down pat so we are going for the songs. I don’t like getting wet and dragging my pregnant body into the highly chlorinated water just for a few songs. Then there is the getting changed, having showers. Its a process. So Jules probably picked up on my hesitation and added some of his own. Loudly.

He finally comes out with me promising him there are lots of big boys sitting on the sidelines and he wouldn’t be the only one. Oh yeah, and he can have my phone.

Now to the best part.

Knowing I had the dreaded swimming lesson and that I was feeling grumpy I booked the kids into the creche at the gym. There were no yoga classes or meditation on at that time and I am not in a state for running. Then I remembered the rooftop pool. The one with the sun loungers and beautiful view over Kings Park.

Guess where I spent an hour and a half today?


With my book and a Gabby Bernstein lecture on Manifesting Your Desires.

Yes I am lucky but this is a tool I have in my self-care toolbox to look after me.

To make sure my needs are being met.

To make sure that I am a nicer Mummy to my kids this afternoon.

I get home, make lunch, put my littlest to bed, meditate, fix up the healthy meal plan blog post and write this post.

A day to be grateful for.

Not to mention that the kids are sleeping at my parents, I get to go out to dinner with my hubby and am then getting a massage tomorrow (thanks Steve and Jess for my Chrissy present!).

Grateful. Yes.

Thankful. Yes.

Even better that I made this happen. I changed my mood, thoughts and outcome of the day through self-care.

YOUR self-care toolbox is such an important thing to build up and develop. Don’t discount your own needs.




  1. What a fab way to turn your day around, it could all easily have slipped into a horrid day of resentmemt but I think you have a wonderful way to prioritise your needs so that afterwards you can be in a much calmer state of mind for the remainder of the day, very inspirational xxx

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