You Are Not Alone

Today’s Mantra: Silence is Golden

I woke up this morning with a kid in my bed. Not really newsworthy when it’s Leo but it was Julian. He climbed in beside us about 2am and proceeded to kick off the covers at an hourly rate. Awesome, just when we rid ourselves of Leo…another one takes his place.

I then went downstairs when Leo got up to give the kids breakfast and when that was finally over headed upstairs with both of them for a shower.

When I was in the bathroom I could hear my husband telling Julian to go get some toilet paper off me to wipe his nose.

This has motivated me to write this post.

I am never alone!

From daybreak (and often before) mothers are trailed and hounded by little people.

Every time we turn around there is one pulling at our sleeve or clawing up our legs.

If they were silent spectres then maybe it would be tolerable, but these small shadows are demanding: food, toilet, hugs or just ATTENTION!

So a cheers to all Mothers to let you know that although you are never alone….you are not alone in feeling this way!


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