You Are Just Doing Your Best….


Your not sure if a decision is right or wrong

If you wake up with a sore back because your child is in the bed again

If your child cries for an hour because he was given a needle

If you have to get steroids again to open up your child’s lungs…so that seal cough goes away

If you take the night off from feeling guilty 🙂 

If you yell at your child to stop crying

If you let your child play on your phone…even if he has a million new toys

As Mother’s we make decisions from moment to moment. From what our children eat to how we react to their behaviour, it’s an insane amount of work and it can wear you down.

Sometimes you just need to know you are doing your best.

Some days you need to say to yourself – look at my gorgeous children, happy and healthy.

Some days you need to look in the mirror and skip over the flaws and say to yourself – I’m gorgeous and healthy and happy.

Some days you just need to smile and be in this moment.

Each decision has an importance but in this moment do your best. 

In this moment smile. 

In this moment be happy. 

Even if no one else is 🙂 



  1. Thank you for this xxx I have just been told by my chiropractor, who I absolutely adore, that I need to be present in my own body and feel the connection between my mind and body…being present is what it is all about…now I just have to remember that!

  2. Awww look at that face! I needed this post today. My 4 year old son is really testing me lately, his tantrums will be the death of me (I hope not ;))

  3. Awww what a cutie!
    We give ourselves SUCH a hard time as mums, is it any wonder we burn out and over eat and shop too much and get depressed or stressed out or leave the house frazzled sometimes. We really need to tell ourselves, more often, that we ARE doing a great job and it is all OK XX

  4. What a funny ending to a lovely little story. I often look at my kids and recognise what a damn good job I’m doing. We all are. x

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