Working with Children

Today’s Mantra: Whistle While You Work

Today I ticked off another step in motherhood initiation – kindy roster. It was my first time and I loved it.

At first Julian was too excited to see his friends to care that I hadn’t left. He moved around the room with his crew, playing cars, blocks and generally being a boy.

I was amazed when just before the mat session a “pack up” song was played and 20 kids started moving like little ants to remove all the debris. Blocks were stacked perfectly in the right location and boxes of toys were packed, removed and put back in their places.

I need that song at my place.

We then sat on the mat and an avalanche of tiny bums aimed for my lap. Julian barely got to squeeze in beside me. The girls played with my hair and asked me if I liked their bracelets, socks and outfits.

Once everyone was settled Sharon, the teacher, sat down and we talked about the day of the week and the weather. Then we said hello, counted to 10 and learned two new colours, all in Japanese.

Pretty impressive stuff.

After a morning tea of fruit we went outside and this was my favourite part. The kids were in their element, riding bikes, playing ball, climbing on stuff and laughing with each other. I ran around and played chasee and tickled them till they fell on the floor.

I had kids throwing balls at me, running away so I would chase them and searching for me when they’d hurt themselves. It was gorgeous.

After an alphanet mat session (my thighs were getting seriously damaged by the thumps as the kids vied for position once again on my lap) it was lunchtime and time for me to leave and let Julian get on with his friends and his independence.

I went home to relieve my Mother-in-law from Baby Leo and then we both had naps.

All that playing really took it out of me, I can understand now why Julian is so stuffed after a big day at Kindy!

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