I’m sensing change.

But it’s slow.

It might just be the people I am surrounding myself with but I am hearing less of of the companionable negative comparison.

You know what I am talking about.

“My arms are so big.” “No, my arms are HUGE!.”

“I’m such a bad M0ther, my kids watched three hours of TV yesterday.” “That’s good! My kids weren’t off the ipad.”

We need to stop apologising and playing our needs down.

We need to start making a bit of healthy boasting acceptable.

I consciously create conversations of positivity. I’ll start with how much Leo loved swimming today. I don’t need to tell you about the time I put him in front of the TV to get things done. Or at least I try not to but it’s ingrained.

I do beautiful things everyday with my children.

And so do you.

Maybe if you stopped looking at your arms you would see my admiration of your hair. Maybe you like it too but think it’s not socially acceptable to walk into a room and discuss what a great hair day your having.

But why? I’d much rather admire your hair than deflect your insecurities with my own.

Women are amazing.

I have so many incredible role models in my life. Ones I can touch and ones I admire from afar. Ones I can reach out to hold and ones I that make me reach for the stars.

How do we put into words the strength that surrounds us when we have positive role models in our lives? It gives us confidence, security, an ability to be ourselves.

But as a sex we are inherently flawed: We cripple ourselves with trying to be someone other than who we are. 

We need to be less polite and more passionate

Honest instead of apologetic

We need to be talking about loving our body

We need to be talking about good things to eat

We need to let our children know they can do anything, be anything – they are limited only by their imagination 

We need not only to think we can, but know we can.

We need to stop comparing. 

Our negativity and comparison society has created a generation of women who don’t feel worthy.

We need to not only impart on the next generation that this is utter crap but that it can be changed.

To be changed individual by individual, until we rise up confident and shining our lights as brightly as they should be.

I’d love to hear from you incredible women today – tell me something amazing about yourself and tell other people xxxx



  1. What a great post! It’s about time we start praising how amazing we are as women, friends, partners and mums! I must say I feel strong and proud as a mum of beautiful children who works, loves life and loves my family and friends. I am sick of feeling I have to apologise for being a working mum because that is ingrained into us mums from society but start to embrace that I’m a fabulous working mum! And today I am , loving my life, my wonderful husband, my kids and my job as mummy and my career!

    1. Yay I am loving the positivity and non apologetic stance. Why should we apologise for living our life? Who’s business is it but ours. Make yourself happy and the kids will have a happy,
      Confident roles model xxx

  2. I do beautiful things with my kids too Nic (I like the way you put that). I know I am a wonderful mamma. It’s one area where I do not compare or lack confidence. In no way do I always do a great job and in no way do I always find it easy, but all I know that the majority of the time I’m rocking it – simply because, most of the time, they are so damn happy and loving towards themselves and the world at large. That’s my measuring stick.

    I think this is a fabulous blog btw x

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