Why You Lose It

The kids are screaming. There is constant fighting. There are tears. Yours, theirs.

You lose it.

You scream. Yell. Do your best scary Mama impression. Maybe you grab them. Maybe you smack them.

Because it’s their fault right? They started it.

Your brain works furiously to reassure you in these moments that you did the right thing. Then the bastard thing changes its mind and tells you to say sorry, it floods your body with guilt by telling you to look at these innocent  little angels, new to the world and you should do better.

Be better.

The only way to do better?

To accept responsibility for the situation. To look on it as your problem to solve.

Because at other times the kids can be doing exactly the same thing but yet you will calmly tell them to chill out. You will calmly tell them to stay away from there siblings. Or you will distract them.

You see?

Now you have to work out what’s going on with you – without the side of guilt please.

Do you need a time out? Babe it’s really ok to go into your room and have a lie down or stick a meditation on.

Have you been stuck at home too much? Or out too much? What can you do to rectify that?

Do you need some girlfriend time?

A cup of tea? Coffee? Wine?

Do you need to plan a date night with hubby, resolve an issue with a friend, call your Mum?

What is it that you need to do so that you stay calm? So that you don’t become one big screaming, crying mess?

Put your lifejacket on darling because it’s you that needs rescuing here.

Be your own hero today and revel in the heroic acts to follow.




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