Why It Is Necessary To Relax

I had a rough night.

Kids in my bed. Slight insomnia (pregnancy induced or just too much going on?) and then an early rise for a beautiful beach walk with my bestie.

I had HUGE writing plans today, lots of errands, cleaning, swimming lessons and to do’s.

But I had to keep reminding myself that I can only do what I am capable of doing. The world won’t end if I don’t finish everything on my list.

In fact it’s a lot more pleasant sometimes when everything doesn’t get done.

When you leave the dishes for that cuddle on the couch in front of your favourite show.

When you don’t turn up to swimming lessons.

When you don’t return phone calls and leave them till the next day.

I don’t know about you but my energy levels peak and flow and so does my enthusiasm.

I am a morning person – from about 6am – 12pm I power through tasks, exercise, chat happily to anyone but at night…. I slump, my mood goes down, my intentions flail and I my brain seems to turn itself off for the evening.

Though I wish I was raring to go when the kids go to bed I wouldn’t swap the gorgeousness of my mornings for anything.

The thing is when I rest, meditate or make time for me, I get up afterwards and magically the things I wanted to get done usually get done.

It’s actually quite incredible.

You experience the sinking feeling of the disaster of a house, the mountain of washing, the screaming kids, the never – ending to do list.

Then you reset.

And just like magic the details seem to take care of themselves.

The energy comes and things get done quicker than you ever imagine.

All achieved by the one thing you believed you didn’t have time for – relaxation.

So sit down. Read a bit of your book. Make a cup of herbal tea or just flake out on the couch.

Take time to enjoy it. Learn to love these moments and lose the guilt.



  1. I will need to not work I think to fit in my time , I lived last week having nana naps in the afternoon , felt very revitalised x

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