Where’s My Handbook?

Today’s Mantra: In each moment there is joy

It’s 4:55pm.

It’s date night. I’m busy making brown rice sushi with shredded teriyaki chicken (yum) for the kids dinner/kindy lunch tomorrow.

My littlest one is clawing at my legs to get up. Once in my arms he’s not happy. He’s been fed, nappy-changed and been up for a really long time. I know he’s tired but if he can just hang on another hour he can go to bed for the night.

All I need to do is finish making this sushi, let it cool, cut it up, get Julian to eat it, then bath, pyjamas, milk, bed.

He’s never going to make it.

I run up and put him down with all the ceremony of a bar fight (you just throw down) and go back downstairs to finish the sushi.

He cries. I mean really cries.

I re-evaluate, shuffle some things around in my head and tell Julian we are heading upstairs for a bath. I get Leo out of bed and they both splash around happily for twenty minutes. They are dried and pyjama’d up and we head back downstairs.

The screaming starts again. Ugh I have rice on the seaweed but no filling. Sorry Julian, Leo needs his milk.

“But what about my fushi (three-year old speak for Sushi)”

“Your fushi will be ready in a minute. Sorry. ”




“No, sssh in a minute.”

“Fushi! Fushi! Fushi!”

Thankfully by this time Leo’s drained the milk and I’m halfway up the stairs to put him to bed (for the night) at 5:30pm.

Who knows what this night (and early morning) has in store for us.

I guess when God is doling out kids he figured as he blessed them with uniqueness it’s up to us to figure them out.

I think if I had been given a handbook I would’ve thrown it out already because not only are they all different, everyday is freaking (i got that word off my three year old) different.


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