When Your Feeling Under-Appreciated…..

When your feeling under-appreciated it’s pretty easy to forget how much love there is for you in the world.

It’s easy to imagine needing to get away and leave them to their own devices for them to realise exactly how much you do for them.


As Mums, especially so of little kids, we are their whole world.

They can’t get through a day without holding our hand; snuggling tight; wanting comfort; needing food and letting us know their thoughts, wants and needs.

Some days it helps to remember that this was a choice. We chose this life because of it’s beckoning rewards. 

For the moment when you meet your baby for the first time;

Seeing their smile;

Hearing them say Mama;

Feeling their tiny hand in yours;

Watching them concentrate so hard to get things right; 

Touching the curve of their chubby cheeks;

Kissing away their tears;

The rewards are truly endless but some days it’s hard to see through the fog and you think no one is watching.

No one is seeing how hard you work.

No one is thanking you.

But they do.

They return all that blood, sweat and tears the only way they know how….

With endless love.

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  1. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed & underappreciated of late & your posts are resonating with me & helping me take a step back & appreciate all that I have. 3.5yo & 2yo daughters – hardwork with their constant demands for food, entertainment & attention but their cuddles & smooches certainly make it all seem a bit brighter!

    1. I’m so glad! I started this blog to help myself and through doing that I find its helping others. I love the way the world works. I hope your little princesses sleep well for you tonight and u get a little me time x

  2. Love this. I needed this today as I have been feeling under-stimulated with our routine. It’s so important to remember why I love being a Mom and how much they love and need me in return! I I also started my blog to help myself stay positive and healthy through life and parenting. Thanks for your post!

  3. Thanks for this pep talk – we all know the saying about the days being long but the years being short – it is so true – we just sometimes need reminding.

  4. Thank you! I so often feel unappreciated, especially in my role as step mum, but your post has helped me to remember that regardless of what the kids say and do, without me their world would be harder.

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