When the music stops…grab a bed

Today’s Mantra: Take each day as it comes

We started the day with a healthy game of musical beds. Jules woke up first and came into our room, I sent Daniel back with him so he wouldn’t wake the baby. Julian goes nuts and just wants me. Daniel comes back to the room and lies down. I feel sorry for my boy who doesn’t know why he can’t come in and Leo can. I go to Julian’s room after passing Leo (who has been woken up) to Daniel to lie in our bed.

Julian lies with me for a while then starts playing with toys. He watches the clock intently, though tries to persuade me to go downstairs with him prior to 7am. We bought him one of those  clocks that tell them when to wake up. So the stars for bedtime and the sun comes out at 7am. He was so gleeful, he couldn’t get his words out when it came up this morning. He jumped and pointed and clapped. Like magic his captivity ended and the bad mood, from the little sleep I’d had, was gone.

I called the parenting helpline to give me some advice on how to stop these early morning visits. Daniel was not happy when I told him he was sleeping in a blow-up bed on Julian’s floor. He is supposed to be a role model for Julian, who will see Dad sleeping and do so himself.

If the bags under our eyes disappear, I guess that means its working.


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