What’s Your Food Personality?

What is your food philosophy? What items of food do you find yourself drawn to? Food is cultural, familial and ultimately each individuals own choice.

Do you fit any of the categories below? 

The DIY-er

You pack your lunch everyday. This probably contains the same easy things. Peanut butter sandwich, apple, can of soft drink. Sometimes you splash out on a small chocolate.

Junk Food Junkie

You have some lunch money. You head to the nearest fast food place then finish it up with an ice-cream. Maybe a packet of skittles for afternoon tea?

Sugar Me Up

Whipped cream on crumpets; packets of maltesers; mars bars. And that’s before lunch.

Protein Princess

Kitosis? Bad breath? Check. Make sure there are no vegetables in that dinner – carbs are evil!

Carb Crazed

Usually a reaction to a protein diet but also typical of The Western Diet and a hard cycle to break. Toast for breaky, pasta for lunch and curry for dinner.

Diet Diva

Grapefruit juice three times a day. Cabbage soup for two days. Green salad only. Meal replacement shakes.

“Health” Nut

Skim Milk, diet yoghurt, fat-free muesli bars. Fat will make you fat.

The Expert

YOU should eat this. YOU should eat that. Look how well I’m eating. Did you know that that morsel of food contains x calories?

Naturally Content

Wholefood. Organic. Mountains of fresh produce disappearing every week, being used up in every meal.

So which personality are you? 

Apologies for not including raw, vegan, vegetarian.

It kills me to say that the above are not conventional food categories but ALL the categories in which I have found myself immersed. The description of the items eaten were sadly true for me at different times of my life.

My weight obviously went up and down. Hormones did not serve my body well as a teenager and that was the first time I realised food that I was eating was affecting my body. Then I got that under control with exercise and tried to understand all the nutritional advice out there. Then I went to London and experienced the “Heathrow injection.”. After that I spiralled, desperate to lose the weight I tried everything and had a library full of diet books.

I just couldn’t work out how to eat. 

It was craziness. It has taken me a whole book (How To Become One Healthy Mama will be out in June) to describe how my philosophy changed and the process I went through to get really, truly healthy but I wanted to write this down to let you know that our societies obsession with food and dieting is bad not only for our health, but for our self-esteem and self-worth.

Eating badly made me feel awful about myself. 

So how do we feel better? 

1. Listen to your body. How do you feel after that meal? Bloated and unhappy or happy and satisfied? Write it down.

2. Eat more fresh produce. Not many people regret eating a fruit salad or an omlette.

3. Control your cravings. Your body is craving items of food because something is missing in your diet. Here is a chart that explains what cravings mean that was shared by The Naughty Naturopath Mum the other day.

My dream is for all the Mums out there to just feel amazing about themselves everyday and I hope sharing a little about my awesome (not) eating habits helped.





  1. Now that I think about it I guess Im a bit of a Carb Nut which probably isnt a good thing! Honestly, I eat a bit of everything from a few days of salads to sushi to leftovers (thats where the curries and pastas come in!). I think everything in moderation is the way to go. Saying hi from Blogs&PR 🙂

    1. I think people’s bodies react in different ways to things. As long as you feel good then you are eating the right way for you. I was amazed that when i cleaned up my diet and ate real food that my illnesses disappeared – polycycistic ovaries and ulcerative colitis both disappeared!

  2. I’m generally not any of them. Just mostly healthy with the odd treat. But somedays I really need the sugar and I do believe its linked to my hormone up and downs.

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team

  3. I think I can have several personalities on any given day! I’m trying to go with ‘whole foods’ I find it more inclusive and offers a great variety of real food to work with and prepare properly…think Jude Blereau.

  4. I totally feel horrible about eating lots of heavy carbs, which I try to limit myself to these days after losing baby weight from my 3rd child. I am also each of those personalities depending on mood, time of month! Great post – Emily via Blogs and PR TUST 🙂

    1. I have been trying to listen to my body and not the books (ive obviously made mistakes before!) I feel light and happy after eating food that has lived (veges fruit meat etc). Hmmm know im thinking my blood type diet was right hehe

  5. I think I have falled into pretty much every category your have described there too at some point in my life. I’m a really bad serial yo-yo dieter and am still destined to find the perfect diet for me!! Really enjoyed your post.

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