What’s Next?

Life seems to move in cycles.

Study, learn, work. New job, new position, new workplace.

New house, new car, new wardrobe. New debts, need holiday, new guilt.

New boyfriend, new fiancee, new husband.

New baby, new Mum, new life,

New worries, new expectations, new guilt.

But what’s next?

At this time of our lives Mamas, we tend re-evaluate what’s next.

More study? More babies? More possessions? New car? New house? New husband?

Do we begin the cycle again as we re-discover who we are or….are we uncovering her from the layers of expectations that have been put upon us?

Is it time to study or downsize? Is it time to start travelling instead of following in the footsteps of the annual holiday makers you see? Would you be heartbroken if you didn’t have one more baby?

I have so many questions circulating in my brain at the moment searching for answers but they can be summed up in one.

What’s next?

The thing I’ve discovered with life is that the answer does not lie in what other people know or tell you to do.

The answer does not lie in a distorted vision of success.

The answer may not be logical, mainstream or even make much sense but it feels right.

It takes courage, strength and conviction to follow your true path.

What if you already knew you were a success? What if you weren’t constantly striving, trying to do more or imagining how you would feel when you got to that futuristic place that doesn’t exist?

What if you could just let yourself be and be truly content with who you are? What if you gave yourself a pat on the back at the end of the day and told yourself how amazing you are and how well you did?

The answer to your questions lies within yourself and not outside in the world but it’s very hard to shut out all the noise.

A snippet of my questions……

Sell house? When?

Renovations? How long? When? Are they going to look like they do in my head? Is it going to feel as magical a place as I think it is?

Another baby? Yes/No? Could I? How could I not?

I have scattered interests. Is that ok? Can I follow multiple paths and still live out my dream? Writing. Yoga. Meditation. Travel. Motherhood. Family.

How many more possessions can we live without?

Am i chasing freedom the right way?

Ultimately I ask myself this question daily:

Am I Happy?

I get into the present moment and check in with myself.

Am I Happy?

No. What do I need to change? Scale back? Cancel? Get rid of? Do more of?

Yes. Keep doing what you’re doing.

I am working very hard on detaching from the outcome of the questions I am asking. I am trying to let the Universe work it out in divine timing and learn that sometimes there are no hard and fast answers and you have to let go.

Yes I want to sell my house but getting worked up and worried about it isn’t going to sell it quicker….

Renovating a house can feel like treading water somedays but celebrate the victories instead….

Baby or no baby? No decision needs to be made right now….take it one day at a time…..

Follow your interests and the career will follow – don’t push, focus on your family and do what you love…. 

If the possessions are not useful or loved remove them….

Freedom is in the mind….

So how do you get clear on these things? 

Work on loving yourself – stop talking negatively to yourself, practice positive affirmations

Work on knowing yourself – meditate, go for walks alone, 

Work on listening to your body – when does it feel good, not so good, nervous, anxious – why?

Remove external influences as much as possible – turn off the news, remove the negative in your newsfeed, stop asking for so much advice and believe in yourself and your own opinions, thoughts and knowledge.

And really, who cares what’s next when you have today?

This moment, today is what matters.

So quiet your mind and understand that now is where the joy lives.



  1. Gosh, I really needed to read this right now. So many questions, challenges, adventures and life changes ahead of me this year, yet so little faith that I even know what my path is let alone where it begins or ends.

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