What’s In My Bag?

It’s dangerous going into a Mama’s handbag.

Who knows what you’ll find – used tissues, lego pieces, a half-eaten pear, a toy gun, unidentifiable goo…..

Almost absolutely guaranteed is that I will have an overflowing bag but not the thing I actually need.

Baby has a dirty nappy? Nope not one in there. Not one in my nappy bag.

The wind picks up when you are at the Zoo and you look for socks to keep his tootsie’s warm – nope, at least not a pair of socks. Let’s just put one on and pretend he’s lost the other one while you were out.

You haven’t had a toilet training incident in months. The morning that you take out the spare pair of jocks and the pair of shorts is the morning you really need it. You leave the venue early and with a half naked child.

$4.70 for a coffee (this is Perth prices people) sure I’ve got that. Oops no purse. Obviously the kid’s beanie and emergency umbrella on this 40 degree day takes priority.

So you see that nothing in (my) life is ever straightforward. You may even say that I doomed from the moment I leave the house.

But I am more optimistic than that and instead of writing a list of things I need in my bag – I wing it….every freaking time.

What Should Be In My Bag


Prada Nappy Bag (Purchased by generous Mother in Law in Singapore on my last trip before children, whilst 33 weeks pregnant!)

Louis Vuitton Purse (Birthday pressie from Hubby)

Bug Balm (a natural repellent)

Kora rose balancing mist

Kora hand cream

Kora lip balm

Zu lipstick (organic brand)

4 My Earth sandwich bag and snack bag

My elephant mini bag containing (three nappies, wipes, nappy bag)

Big boy and little boy shoes

An umbrella

Kids sunnies (wayfarer style)

Mummies sunnies (Rayban)

Two times stainless steel water bottles for the kids

Pencils for emergency eating outings

A dummy

Tom organics tampons


What Actually Is In My Bag (today)


Not one nappy!!

What’s in YOUR bag? Head over to naturalnewagemum.com to check out what is in other natural new age bloggers handbags today!


  1. How brilliant – love the “should have’ vs the “actually” bag! I’m often (too often) caught without nappies, or spare clothes.. I also run back into the house a million times after things I’ve forgotten to pack.. and then I still manage to forget nappies! x

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