What To Do While Breastfeeding

In this day and age of business and go, go, go…it’s hard to sit still.

It’s even harder if you have toddlers and pre-schoolers running around.

I smashed my phone yesterday while feeding and getting up to grab my phone to answer the call from my child’s school. They wanted to know why I hadn’t told them he was absent. I smashed my phone, picked it up and then asked them to check their answering machine.

That’s not a worthwhile exercise while breastfeeding.

Neither is wiping your child’s bum, answering the door or trying to make dinner. But it happens.

Sometimes I get bored.

I’ve had enough of social media, no one else is emailing me and i’ve ran out of diseases that my family now has, to google [FYI just this week it was bronchialitis, UTI, possible febral seizure (thank God it wasn’t), tonsillitis, conjunctivitis, throat infection and ear infection]

My reality TV obsession has run dry. I don’t NEED to watch Kardashians, Guiliana and Bill and Fashion TV like I have in the past, so TV is not something I turn to.

Books are awesome. Ipad’s are especially good for reading at 3am.

But when you are in between books…what should you do?

I find meditation amazing.

Like today, I popped a Deepak and Oprah guided meditation on and blissed out:

For 2.5 seconds.

After that I heard, “Mama are you sleeping?”

“Cashews.I waaaaaaaant cashews.”

“Can I have cashews?”

“Can I have another app?”



“I wannnA NANA”


To say I was relaxed would be simply an understatement 🙂

So in short, you do what you have to do. You use tools at your disposal, you take it moment by moment and you try and come out the other side with your sanity in tact.

We are all in this journey together. Let our souls touch in recognition of our sameness and put a stop to judgement. 

I love this little mantra below and I also love the fact that you are reading this and I bet, nodding along.



  1. In a few years time you will be amazed that you made it through but will also look back worth fondness x

  2. I love this. I read something in the early days about looking at the moon and imagining all the mothers who are also feeding their babies under the same moon. It doesn’t have quite the same impact in the middle of the afternoon. I like listening to plays on the radio but since my baby dropped her long afternoon boob-snooze I never get to hear the end of one.

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