What To Do When Your Feeling Blue

I’ve heard it from all over.

I’m having a flat week. 

I’m feeling blah. 

I’m in a slump. 

Are we surprised that along with the ups in life come the downs?

Mothers don’t get a lot of time for themselves and that can be intensely frustrating. That feeling that you are on a treadmill, wasting energy, but just not getting anywhere.

The trick is not to let it mean anything.  (I’m not talking about depression here, I’m talking about the ebbs and flows of life). Don’t let it drain colour from your life for too long.

You can observe this feeling but don’t delve into it (like I sometimes do) questioning Why? Why?Why? I’m so happy, my life is amazing – you can end up getting angry at yourself.

My husband often laughs when I say I don’t know why I’m upset, I just am. I don’t think men were quite put together the way women are.

If you observe the feeling, let yourself lean into it, and then let it go – you can dust yourself off and get on with things. Sometimes if you try and find a reason for feeling this way you can think yourself into a terrible state 🙂

There are thousands of reasons that you can be feeling down:

You have broken sleep 

You’ve been stuck in the house too long with sick kids

Your children are not being as easy going as usual 🙂 

You’ve been eating crap food (this goes nicely with stuck in the house) 

It’s hormone related

You’ve been super busy and your body needs you to slow down and connect with it

But us Mothers are pretty tough. We need to be and we have a myriad of tricks up our sleeves to make ourselves feel better. Mine are: 

Crying for no reason at all


Family/Friend conversations/rants/giggles


Mantras (I have an amazing life; I am strong; I am beautiful and happy; I love my life) 

Superfood smoothies

Blogger inspiration (today’s Wellness Warrior Post and Jude Blereau blog made me smile 


Smile for no reason (or every reason) 


I would love to know yours; please leave your tips for other Mama’s in the comments



  1. Put on some music and sing along or dance!
    Have a coffee or tea in the sunshine (If there is any sunshine available)
    Do a mini-meditation or just take note of my breathing for a little while.
    Flick through a magazine.
    And yes, lots of cuddles 🙂

  2. I love to lighten the load, though it is only recently I have done this…this week my kids have had bottom end gastro! I took all dirty linen to be cleaned professionally, bought dinner for the un-sickies from our deli, cancelled appointments and bought myself a good magazine. And a bottle of wine. And some raw chocolate. Just in case x

  3. Bringing in positive energies by using EFT with positive words or affirmations is awesome to help to break out of the blahs. Aka ‘energy nutrition’! Though sometimes it’s nice to wallow isn’t it.. so only when ready to not be wallowy!

  4. What a great post for me to read this week – and gorgeous blog too! I’ve allowed myself to feel the ‘blah’. Be in it and work out what it’s telling me. It’s a new trick and it seems to be working.

  5. This might sound simplistic but I feel so much happier after a sleep!! But ask me when my kids are at an age where they sleep through and I will be needing something else to perk me up…wine, movies, massage, good food, good books, good chats, a smile from a stranger on the street – all nice too 🙂

  6. I think it’s interesting that we place so much importance in our society on ‘happiness’, I think melancholy is just as important – without it we’d never have the reflection we need to make progress. I try to tell myself that during my flat patches.

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