What To Do When The Kids Are Running Rings Around You

Sometimes you feel in control.

And sometimes you don’t.

Yesterday afternoon – it was mayhem. I couldn’t keep up with Leo’s trail of destruction around the house, so much so that I didn’t even see Julian’s trashing of the playroom until it was too late.

All toys had been emptied out onto the floor.

My eyes dropped and I spotted them.

The mouse droppings.

Cue frantic cleaning, phone calls, disinfecting and then a few deep breaths.

That was when voice in my head could be heard again.

“Get dinner done and the kids will be quiet.

Your husband will be home.

Eventually two little boys will be in bed and there will be silence.”

And it happened just as I predicted.

Being able to stop and listen to what our bodies are telling us is so important.

In the silence you are able to see the path forward. 

If your daily routine is driving you crazy then change it. 

I couldn’t face the thought of being stuck with Cyclone Leo in the house this morning so I got out.

I took the dogs and we dropped Julian off at Kindy and headed to the beach for a walk and a treat.






As soon as we got home I put him to bed.

Once again there is silence and I am at peace. 



  1. I have become very good at timing things so we arrive home at bedtime…nothing worse than arriving home from a day out at 3pm and then having to entertain tired kids for that couple of hours before dinner, bath and bed time. That Green Smoothie looks great!

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