What Having Kids Has Taught Me

Today’s Mantra: No Regrets


To just “be” in the moment.

I don’t know what the date is. I know vaguely I have a holiday coming up. The weekend will be here before I know it. I don’t wish away time anymore, it’s too precious.

A night out with my husband is something to be treasured

Anything you need to work to get, you appreciate more. To head out tonight I had to organise babysitters, pack bottles, food for Leo, clothes for both kids and drop them off and pick them up. That’s before I get ready. That’s before we spend money we don’t have.

We have to have a good time.

You choose your own life

None of the jobs in my working life have ever fulfilled me. I did them dutifully, for money, scared if I took a leap into the unknown that I would fail. Writing and taking care of my family have given me more happiness than I have ever known. I no longer feel trapped into a life.

I feel that I have created this one.

Happiness is decided by you

I always thought, I’ll be happy when I’m not at work and on holiday. I would be happy when I got a new job. I would be happy when I wasn’t financially restricted, if I had a more impressive job title, if my boyfriend asked me to marry him.

Instead of striving towards something else, I should have been appreciating what I already had.

 Pre-kids I was never tired

It’s a societal affliction. We are all tired. I don’t think I know a person that doesn’t say it out loud on a regular basis. Maybe we need a bigger vocabulary. We need words to describe the tiredness scale. Though I claimed to be tired if I had to get up early, stayed up till midnight, worked long hours…pre-kids I was never really, that tired.

I probably made myself tired complaining about it.

Be loving, kind, happy within your self and good things will come:

They did for me.

(The two photos above are by Bloom Pixels)



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