What Did You Get Out Of This Year?

Before we get too merry, too stressed about shopping, wrapping and how much we’ve been eating/drinking – let’s reflect on the beautitful moments in 2013.

What were yours? What is the first thing that stands out for you? 

For me – I feel without a doubt that the end of this year leaves me knowing myself better. I have a greater awareness about my true self – my hopes and dreams and an ignited flame within me that whatever I desire will come true if I envision, believe and leave myself open to the possibility.

It doesn’t have to take hard work. Sometimes by following the easiest path you are walking the road to your destiny. Because following your passions means it doesn’t feel like work.

My Top Ten 2013 Moments

1. Getting the most beautiful surprise of becoming pregnant for the fourth time.

Through the queasiness and exhaustion my heart is filled with joy and my tummy is swelling with the pride of carrying a new little life. Nothing can stop the utter miraculous wonderment at the fact that my body can do this. Grow new life and deliver into the world a healthy baby – filled with limitless potential. I’m tearing up at the sheer joy and how blessed we are.


2. Our book launch for How To Become One Healthy Mama

This is how I know when you follow the right path things come easy. We found the right venue at the right price, nearly all of the vendors asked to display their products at the expo said yes immediately – Jude Blereau agreed to speak at our launch for God’s sake! Talk about reaching for the stars and getting one! Our press release led to press coverage and we opened the doors to over 500 people that day. Many bought our book and all tried products and spoke to our gorgeous expo vendors. The green juice and organic champagne were flowing and we kept pinching ourselves that they were all here for us.

3.My little boy LOVING his first year at kindy

As the youngest in the class I was slightly concerned about his ability to fit in and keep up, but mostly I didn’t want him to be unhappy. A needless worry. He slotted straight in – made friends with everyone and took everything in his stride – even though sometimes he says things like, “Mummy I am the only one in the whole class who can’t get my pen grip right.” It doesn’t phase him. I love his spirit and I want him to bottle it and take it through life.


4. My whole family stepping up their health this year

We’ve have had a tough year. Diagnosis after diagnosis but my family members have seen it as an opportunity to look into the whys. Why is this happening to me – how can I change my lifestyle to help myself? What can I eat to serve my body better? How can I start moving my body in ways that I take enjoyment out of?

Questions everyone should ask themselves, diagnosis or no diagnosis.

5. Removing financial guilt from my life

I have grown up feeling guilty about every penny I’ve spent. There was little pleasure in it, only guilt. I believed that we would always struggle and every bill to pay was a burden that we couldn’t handle. This was regardless of the financial situation at the time. Whether I had the cash or not, I;d feel guilty about the spend. It didn’t matter if it was clothes, food or bills – the guilt was there.

I wonder how many of us feel like this?

It’s taken me more than a year of working on my mental state, with affirmations (yes it may sound hippy and slightly loopy) but it worked. I believe that I and my family are worth spending the money on. I am grateful that we are given bills because it means they believe we can pay them. I spend money on quality food and we reap the benefits. I buy full-priced items without cringing. It’s not only other people who get to be financially secure and have ENOUGH.

6. Holiday Moments

Our first overseas trip with the whole family to Spain, beautiful Broome, discovering a hidden gem in Yarrabah, and a gorgeously fuflilling farm stay. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

7. Date nights

Leo was old enough for regular sleepovers this year so nearly every second week (we know how lucky we are!) my Mum and Dad take both kids overnight and Daniel and I get to be us. Hang out. Go to the movies. Go to dinner. Go to a comedy club. Dance.

8. Getting to spend the year at home with Leo

What a beautiful gift it has been being able to not only fulfill myself through writing but embrace being a full-time Mum. I have experienced such joy in really getting to know Leo and all of his gorgeous little quirks and traits. He is the happiest most adventurous little man on the planet and  I know everyday how blessed I am to have him.

9. Developing a career through writing

By following my love of the written word, doors have been opening. I got my first chance to speak to a gorgeous group of Mums on a weekend health retreat, I got to write a book, launch a website and another blog and we’ve been asked to speak on nutrition at a school next year. There are also plans for another book in the works and plenty of marketing ideas for getting the first one, http://beonehealthymama.com/buy-our-book/ out further into the world.

10. Being present is the greatest gift I have given myself

I feel like my memory has gotten better. The images in my mind are brighter. The hugs more deliberate. I am in my body and here. Living in the present, leaving the past behind and seeing the future as a wonderment – not something to be controlled. It’s a beautiful thing.

What was 2013 like for you?  I hope you got as much out of it as I did, but if not focus on being grateful for the amazing moments you did have and leave the regrets behind you. 

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