What a Beautiful Day!

Today’s Mantra: Listen to Your Inner Voice

The weather has just been amazing here in Perth the last couple of days. Being a little bit sick, I’ve taken it easy and enjoyed it from my backyard and the warmth through the windows.

But today…well it was just stunning, I had to get out.

Monday is kindy day for Jules. He’s been really excited to go the past couple of months because he has heaps of friends now. He talks about them non-stop and it is very sweet. He is such a friendly little boy.

When we went to Bunnings on Saturday, to pick out a plant for my beautiful Mother’s Day pot,  he was in the kids playground section and saw a little boy sitting by himself. He went over to him, bent down and said hello. The boy didn’t respond, he was in a mood and obviously didn’t want to play. Julian took off his shoes, got ready to play, went back to the little boy and tried again. The boy ignored him, Julian looked at me and said, “Mum, this boy doesn’t want to talk.” He did his cute little shrug at me and the boy smiled. Julian smiled back and the boy jumped onto the play equipment, happy again, followed by my little angel. Bless.

Today he left me at kindy, without a backwards glance, and I headed off to a Lake nearby for a big walk. The morning chill was burning off and it was glorious to be outside in the fresh air. I then went to the shops, where Leo charmed everyone with his huge smiles and coos.

When we got back, the cleaner had finished the house and was just about to leave. I think I’m finally onto a good one, after many, bad experiences with household help. Leo had a play, then wanted to sleep. I still had my manicure  from pre-mother’s day celebrations (thanks again Jules) and thought it was about time I take it off.

Usually when I do this, I do it standing up, cupboard open, paint, paint, paint, shake, shake, shake…and move on to the next activity. Of course, every single time, it smudges and I shouldn’t have bothered. Today I spent a little bit more time, though I still stood, cupboard open, paint, paint, paint.

After doing this I wander downstairs, conversing with myself:

“Do not do anything with your hands. You only need ten minutes of stillness….

I really need to …. make my lunch


I really need to…hang out that washing that’s just finished


I really need to ….take that rubbish out


I really need to…

Lie down. Do not do anything.

But that’s so hard.

Lie down.”

And so I did.

It was wonderful.

I lay there, for more than ten minutes…closer to half an hour.

My mind went like this…

When you finally get up you need to: 

  • Take off the vege sprayer to take to that plumbing place;
  • Don’t forget to grab some food for Julian, who knows if he liked the pasta, he could be starving;
  • Make a bottle for Leo, he didn’t eat much food today;
  • I think there is more washing upstairs in the basket;
  • I need to pick up that new filter for the zip tap;
  • and the list kept going, I won’t bore you with the rest of my thoughts. 

We never switch off, but it’s good to go into stand-by mode, even just for ten minutes a day. I felt like a focused, more organised person, when I finally got off the couch.

Bonus…my nails were dry and still perfect!


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