Welcome Home (Are you still there?)

We got back from Broome last night.

It was a wonderful trip filled with fun memories and gorgeous scenery.

I took my own digital break and apart from the iPad I was reading on, didn’t venture much online. I did occasionally wonder if you guys would all still be here when I decided that my break was over but I tried to bat away these insecurities with a cocktail.

On the last night Leo threw up. We had to order some more cot sheets and change the bedding. But he looked better for it.

On the plane back his cousin Roman went down and on the car trip back Julian joined the vomit crew.

I couldn’t face packing away last night and spent the night curled up on the couch, dreaming about the healthy food I was going to stock up on the next day.

This morning parenting is harder.

Without the myriad of distractions I am finding myself flailing, yelling – too busy to stop and pay attention today and just wishing for once they would do their own thing.

I have suitcases to unpack, food to shop for, enquiries to make, tickets to book, a speech to write, food to make, a house to clean……………….


No peace to write.

No time.



A child who is now deeming an hour nap as acceptable.

Another who has been in time out for about an hour so far (it’s midday).

All I can say is that they are easier to parent from up here…….


And everyone is having frickin’ salad for dinner.

No complaints or the whole family can sit in time out whilst I eat my greens in silence.


  1. Of course we’re all still here waiting for you!! I’ve been hitting send/receive for 2 days straight worrying that my email has been down, desperate for my Yogic Housewife fix!
    Perhaps just ever so slightly addicted!

    1. Oh thanks – makes me feel so much better (and slightly guilty for abandoning you all without a word) I was so freaked getting everything ready before we left and figured I’d write up there but decided it was an awesome chance for an electronic break

  2. You have the post holiday shits. It’s a clinically proven, medical condition that only affects mums. Usually only lasts a day so hang in there, be kind to yourself and start again tomorrow 🙂

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