We live in hope…

Today’s Mantra: Sleep is for the weak

I woke up yesterday and screamed. Julian’s face was inches from mine and he was standing, just staring at me, waiting for me to wake up. Freaked me out.

For about a week the novelty of waiting for the sun on his clock, kept him in bed till 7, but now he just creeps in whenever he feels like it. I turned over and there’s Leo right next to me as usual, my husband, far to the right.

Each morning you pray that the night will be better.

Last night:

7:00pm both kids in bed.

11:30pm: Leo wakes up, gets fed and put back to bed.

12:20am Julian falls out of bed (which he never does) and hits his chin. Daniel goes then comes back to get me as its bleeding and he’s not sure what to do. We resettle Julian and Daniel stays with him.

I go back to bed.

2:20am Leo wakes up again, I feed him, he sleeps in my bed.

3:30am I put Leo back in his bed asleep

4:10am Leo wakes up, I feed him. He stays with me.

5:40am Leo wakes up for the morning. After 20 minutes of talking and refusing a feed, we get up so he can play.

6:20am Julian comes down stairs.

8:00am Leo back to bed and Daniel gets up.

Mothers day tomorrow, so my turn to sleep in…..I need it!


  1. Similar night in our house…I don’t want to be pessimistic but from experience, it’s a good idea to accept the idea you probably won’t get that sleep in on Mother’s Day…makes it easier to deal with at 6am Mother’s Day morning…lol x

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