We Are What We Eat…

Interesting Facts about our food that may cause you to assess where you scrimp and save your money:

  • Some “Tin” Cans are now being labelled BPA free – yes, that means that our cans have plastic lining these days. For more info you can check out this link. BPA has been to higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and hormonal abnormalities.
  • Imported fruit and vegetables are fumigated in the containers – make sure you are washing them well!
  • Check the INGREDIENTS section of the food label. This tells you which additives and preservatives are used in your food. If it’s not all food then I don’t buy it. Check out the numbers on your packaged bread for instance.
  • Additives and Preservatives have been linked to hyperactivity, cancer, asthma, thyroid abnormality, brain disfunction, gastro-intestinal problems, hypersensitivity and the list goes on. For the worst numbers (and the ones that have been banned in other countries but not Australia) check out this site.
  • This article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that infants and toddlers are being fed almost 20 times more fructose (sugar) than adults and this is being linked to the obesity epidemic and diseases in children. I’m not surprised…have you seen what we feed our children at parties!
Plenty of reasons here to think about changing your diet and that of your children’s. I’m not writing this to scare you, it’s just good to be aware.

I apply the 80/20 rule most of the time so that the our food intake is not restrictive or fanatical. So 80% of the time the food we eat is freshly made and organic, 20 per cent of the time we are out and relaxed about what we are eating.

I must say though the more I know the harder it gets to keep that relaxed grin on my face!


  1. i have started to feel a bit apprehensive about buying cans after reading something about tins and bpa links. we used to eat alot of tinned food – chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, we still have some of those in the pantry but i try to buy dried pulses now and soak them.

    i downloaded a brilliant app called E-inspect which lists all of the e numbers, info about them, potential side effects and whether they need to be avoided. i use it alot at the supermarket.

    i agree about being more informed. the more i know the more i am angered that food manufacturers can get away with some dubious food practices.

  2. I saw the most wonderful lunchbox ideas today Nic, Bento style, with whole, nutritious food ideas. Will discuss when I see you next. They looked like works of art, however so simple and the kids found their mum’s work delicious. I’m definitely changing lulu’s lunchbox,even though it’s whole nutritional and yummy, she doesn’t eat much, so fingers crossed for this idea!

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