Top Ten Health Tips (Guest Post By Blogger Suzie from Naturopop)

Happy, Healthy Monday!

I’ve got some great health tips from you today from my friend, naturopath and brand-new blogger Suzie from Naturopop! I was lucky enough to be put into a Mother’s Group with a gorgeous group of girls and Suzie was a Mum who has always believed natural is best when it comes to health and eating habits. I learned so much from poor Suzie who would be inundated with questions from us Mums, just learning and waking up to the realisation that we had to feed these little human beings! I also remember seeing a beetroot in my organic box for the first time and getting advice from her on what the hell to do with it. I’ve come along way since then, thanks to friends support and a quest for learning but am delighted that one of my guru’s of Mum’s health has decided to join me here on the world wide web!!!

Now meet Suzie, read through her immense wisdom  and then pop on over to her page here. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Suzie and I get excited when it comes to health! I’m a qualified Naturopath (herbalist and nutritionist) taking a long hiatus to raise 2 gorgeous little girls. I’m passionate about food in every way and am constantly amazed by the genius of our bodies. Naturopop is an outlet so I can protect friends and family from my overenthusiastic rants when I’ve had a glass of wine (and just subject the greater public to it instead!)

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Here are my top ten health tips:

1)      Enjoy your food. Throw guilt and fear out the window. Prepare your food with love and eat with joy!

2)      Don’t fear fat. Fat is so important to keep our bodies functioning optimally, fat help to form hormones – not only sex hormones for fertility but also those “happy hormones” that keep us feeling good! Fat also regulates our blood sugar levels and helps us to feel full so we won’t be looking for those sugary treats.

3)      Use good quality pantry basics. Great quality mineral-rich sea salt, unrefined natural sweeteners, good heavy sourdough bread (preferably spelt or other ancient grains), real butter, local raw honey, free range organic eggs, whole milk natural yoghurt… Stop me before I go on all day!

4)      Eat a decent breakfast. Get up 15 minutes earlier and prepare yourself a real meal with fresh fruit and veggies and quality protein. It sets you up for improved concentration and energy – and if the rest of the day goes pear shaped, at least you know you’ve had a good start!

5)      Drink! The body is a very watery organism and needs water for normal functioning and waste elimination. Make your favourite herbal teas and citrus-y water and stay feeling hydrated and vibrant.

6)      Breathe. The simple act of deep breathing can refocus our minds, improve our posture and ground us back into the present.

7)      Love your body. It’s the only one you will ever have and let’s face it, it’s is a miracle machine, it doesn’t deserve all the negativity we so often put on it. (as a side note – tell your daughters how much you love your own body, as imperfect as it may be… what a wonderful message for these impressionable little people)

8)      Tune in to your body. Your body is sending you messages ALL THE TIME, don’t ignore it – you are the expert of your own body.

9)      Move. Even if you can’t / won’t / don’t want to exercise as much as you should, regular stretching even in front of the TV or in the office can make big differences in helping stiff joints, improving circulation  (taking oxygen and nutrients to your brain and all those vital organs), relieving general aches and pains and promoting clear thinking.

10)  Stay excited! Be open in mind and spirit to new experiences, foods and travel. This is an amazing world, there’s always something new to learn!

I think my favourite is number 10. There is nothing worse than not having anything to do or feeling bored. We just need to look outside our comfort zone for a new adventure to feel inspired again!

What did you think of Suzie’s tips, leave me a comment, I love hearing from you xx


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