Today’s Thoughts

Number of hours spent walking dog since weight loss program started: Too Many

Number of calories consumed by dog: Who knows… the dog is a hoover

Number of kgs of dog lost: 0

Number of kgs of dog gained: 2 (faulty scales at initial weigh in)

Number of minutes wasted listening to husband discuss down fall of leftover corn : 1

Number of bench presses done using baby as weight and saying “Superman!” : 20

Number of leg presses done with toddler as weight and him screaming inexplicably, “Robin!” : 5 (toddler then fell on Mummy. Mummy did not think it was as funny as toddler).

Number of Anzac cookies made: 12

Number of Anzac cookies eaten within first ten minutes: 5

Number of minutes getting excited thinking baby is almost walking: 5

Number of minutes dreading baby walking: Many

Number of minutes thinking dog thinks he is human: 2

Number of minutes fantasising that husband is soon whisking me off to tropical island: 20


Number of times thought about watching Breaking Dawn in two days: 25

Number of minutes pretending “a dinosaur is coming” : 15


Number of reminders have set myself to take Julian to tennis today (forgot last week): 3

How’s Your Day Looking?


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