Today I Cried

Because I am not a perfect Mother

Because I got angry at my kids

Because I knew that I was in a bad mood and couldn’t prevent it

Because life didn’t go as planned

Because I’m pregnant and hormonal

Because I’ve gone through pregnancy like this before, with all it’s ups and downs, and my baby didn’t survive

Because I’m tired

Because I woke up with a kid in my bed and an ache in my back

Because I can’t do it all

Because I don’t want to do it all

Because I turned on the TV for my kids

Because I have no reason

Because some days its too much

Because some days its all to the same

Because some days the kids just want to fight each other

Because some days they just want to fight me

Because some days I have no fight left

Today I cried because I can. Because tears are a luxury that clear the way for a better view of life. Because they remove emotions that have been stagnant and stale and need to be expelled from my body.

Because salt water cures everything.

Because a good cry heals.

Because sometimes it’s the only way you can let go.



  1. aw hon , you always have a shoulder to cry on and someone to help when you need it, I hope you feel better now, a good cry does often make it better. It won’t be long until the baby is here.

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