To-do lists

I have a terrible habit of putting off the boring stuff in life.

I get to-do lists like:

Sell things on E-bay/Fill out forms/Send this or that to this person/ Take your car in to get fixed/Go to the dentist (or even just…make appointment to go to the dentist)/ book carpet guy/ find grout cleaner

And you know what?

My heart sinks.

It’s boring. It’s tedious stuff. I never have the right kind of energy. 

I prefer lists like these:

Take more cooking classes/ Learn to surf/ Book and investigate holidays/ Write blog posts/ Catch up with friends/ Take the kids to the beach/ Go for a walk/ Schedule Yoga/ Date night

But the boring stuff is part of life. So you have to pick yourself up and get on with it really.

So how do we make tedious tasks more exciting?

  • Get in the right frame of mind – write it all down on cute paper and get ready to tick it off and feel good
  • Have a coffee and get things done before you leave the house for the day – tedious tasks will allow you to make excuse after excuse for not doing them – just get them done
  • Reward yourself after. Take yourself to lunch after a victorious morning of doing. Do something from your WANT to do list.
  • Get what you can done today and rewrite the list for tomorrow.
  • Give yourself a break sometimes and just forget all about it.

Even writing this post has given me more energy to just get it done. I find that the tasks weigh me down and the thought of the tasks actually weigh heavier than the task itself.

So get it done. Write it down. Do it. Then it’s done.

Then concentrate on having some fun and step lighter through the world.



  1. I am such a to-do list writer. I find life too overwhelming without them – I need some kind of direction! That said, it could be an excuse to putting things off for a little bit. I like the idea of writing another list of things for ME – so I am off to write my lists, now where did I put my paper & pen? Have to put that on my list – find paper & pen.

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