To Anyone Who Is Missing Sleep

Have you ever missed sleeping so much that you dream about having long stretches of uninterrupted bliss on a pillow?

I wake up most days bone tired, despite hitting the mattress about 9ish most nights. Nope I don’t get up horrendously early – it’s 6:30/7 around here at the moment – I just have a list of things and people keeping me from my number one desire.

They are (in no particular order):

Elijah – the kid who hasn’t slept since he was born. He has a whiff of a day nap and he is partying with us till 10 and then joining us again in bed between 2 and 5. He only likes me and my pillow at that time of the night and I MUST be on it with him to share the love, regardless of what my back and neck scream in protest.

Small metal cars – brought in as a special favourite toy that MUST be with Elijah at all times. They are awesome to roll over onto.

Lego – see above

Dogs – the night the kids sleep through, they forget how to use the dog doors, get restless, decide to vomit or just make sure that we don’t get a full nights sleep.

Leo – he likes to come in with us 3-5 nights a week and will happily go to Daniel’s side if my side is occupied by one of his brothers.

Julian – averages about once a week – if all sides are occupied he will happily lay his whole weight on top of me and sleep there.

Pillows – there is no perfect pillow that will allow me the rest I dream about even when I have no kids/dogs/husbands with me.

Husband – does not like to go to bed at the same time – meaning he will get into bed – sometimes turning on lights, phones, tvs and laptops if he’s not tired – when I am fast asleep. He will then fall asleep and leave me wide awake.

Pregnancy Insomnia – got my fair share of this in the last 8 years. Obviously prepping me for Elijah’s arrival (rest of kids slept a lot better than him)

Alcohol Insomnia – I loathe myself when I have drank something (usually red wine) or just too much that will keep me awake when once again I have nothing to disturb me

Getting Up Early Insomnia – Have I slept through my alarm? Did I set it? Do I need two? I’m now only getting 7 hours sleep, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 shit!! I can’t get up now… feels like I’ve been hit by a hammer.

The Too Much Caffeine Insomnia – I’ve tried, you really can’t erase behaviour from the previous day. You wish you’d just been smarter. But there’s no choice but to push through it and do something productive instead of lie there.

If you have more I’d love to hear them and commiserate with you.

Apparently meditation and yoga nidra are like getting four hours of blissful sleep – I obviously have a bigger deficit than either of these can give me back….

I am currently loaded with the cold and amusing myself by listing all the ways I’m not getting enough sleep and fantasizing about one day sleeping so deeply that no one and no thing could wake me.





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