Tips for boosting your children’s immunity

I have a lot of really talented friends and one of my gorgeous friends Suzie is a Naturopath. She has a child the same age as my oldest and she never seems to get sick…

So I asked her for a special concoction that I can use instead of panadol. I need to feel like I’m doing something to help my children when they are sick.

Along with the blend of chamomile and echinacia, she gave me a few tips that were so easy and genius (and not that easy to find on the internet) that I had to share:

Reduce sugar/white flour/processed snacks. All these impair immune function.

Increase good quality saturated fats, organic butter, virgin cononut oil (put these in smoothies, use for cooking pikelets and on porridge), coconut cream, organic chicken fat (don’t skim stocks and soups).

Raw local honey (get from farmer’s market) Not to cook with, just off the spoon or on bread.

Ensure iron intake is adequate as it’s very common for littlies to be deficient and has a big impact on immunity.

Treat first signs of any illness with small doses of vitamin c every few hours, add garlic to food, regular doses of herbs, lots of fluid, no sugar.

Daily multivitamin.

I will be going to my health food store/farmers’market tomorrow!


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