Through The Wringer

Today’s Mantra: I am building the life I love

There is something to be said for sweaty exercise.

You know the kind that gets your heart pumping, your face red and your body dripping?

Walking is good with it’s fresh, deep breaths of air and it improvement to your circulation.Yoga is awesome, it quietens the mind and stretches out the limbs.

But wringing all that sweat from the body?

It’s a tonic for the soul.

I started Zumba tone last week. A morning activity with friends and the creche is an amazing $2.50. The next day I nearly needed a full body cast to still the movement of my aching body, but the pain slowly dissipated.

This week, after the class, I felt barely a flinch as I picked up the kids, hung out washing and bent over to grab the toys.   What I did sense though was my body relieving itself of built-up tension.

Tension that has built up through months of no sleep and culminated through the stress of my day-to-day activities. I thought sleep would be the cure but I think I needed something extra to bleed that tension at a faster rate.

I’ve been emotional and tense but it’s the weirdest feeling today, as I sit still and right this post. I feel cleansed. I feel clear-headed. I feel free.

So much so I think I need another fix. Sooner than my Zumba class next Wednesday.

Bikram – I’ll see you Sunday!



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