This May Help To Alleviate Your Mummy Guilt

I just woke up happy.


I went to bed at 8:30pm and finally caught up on a late night I had Saturday night.

But yesterday was torturous. I was Scattered.

(Loving this mood calendar by Fred – my husband and I have been using it constantly!)


I started many blog posts. I tried to do things but my body was over it. My mind wouldn’t stay still long enough to let me focus.


It was screaming at me.

I didn’t listen. Because I had THINGS TO DO.

Julian was well behaved and compliant with Mummy’s slightly manic mood but Leo decided to push my buttons. Sometimes his moods seem to rebound off mine and my placid little fellow spent about two hours whinging at me.

There was some screaming and then I threw him into my Dad’s arms when they came round for dinner.

Suddenly he was an angel. For the next two hours.

Which leads me to point out:

If Mummy is happy then the babies are pretty damn happy too. Which leads to an easier life. 

So if the sleep I missed was Saturday night (and you know I can’t sleep in – damn body clock) then how did it get to Tuesday without me catching up on it?

I had a few things on Sunday night and Monday night – so I had a coffee in the afternoon.

False energy that you eventually have to PAY BACK big time.

So why am I rambling on about all this?

When you are balanced then your life is balanced. 

There are SOOO many things that can tip your scales but listen to your body and do what you have to do to make YOU happy.

The rest will fall into line.

Now I’m not telling you to leave the children at home alone and head to the nearest day spa – I’m saying that you need to find things (within the realms of reality) to do that float your boat.

  • A gorgeous quick refreshing shower.
  • Cancelling the evening’s activity so you can chill out.
  • Stop making dinner half way through (sometimes its just too torturous) and grab take away
  • Don’t pour that glass of wine to take away the stress, instead deal with what’s stressing you (for me that is removing the kids from the kitchen and taking them outside for a little while). I always find I end up with less energy at the end of the night if I do pour that wine. 
  • Don’t do what I did and make that strong coffee to get you through – it will only burn you later. 
  • Take the kids to the park but take your book or iPad. The kids will yell, “Watch Me Mummy!” either way. 

YOU don’t need to do everything. Also you can pour that wine or drink that cup of coffee if that is going to make you happy. If you don’t metabolises coffee the way I do (a 3pm cup will keep me up till Midnight) then that might just be what you need to put a smile on your face.

You don’t need to feel that guilt because if you are happy then your kids get happy.

Look after YOU and the rest will fall into place.







  1. Here here!
    SUCH an important message in there about making mama happy and the kids will be, and moods rebounding. They are tiny little mirrors and button pushers and healing catalysts. No wonder they annoy us at times as well as fill us with such joy. 🙂

  2. Nodding strongly in agreement here 🙂 My motto is – when I take exceptional care of myself, I am far more capable of taking exceptional care of others.

  3. You are teaching your mummy some good things honey, who would have thought, I thought mothers my age knew everything!

  4. It is so true! I really need to take your advice…my Leonardo (I love it that we chose the same name) has started throwing both hands up to his face in an over dramatised sign of despair….I just really can’t think where he picked that habit up???

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