These are a few of my favourite things…

Today’s Mantra: Eating is a Pleasure 

I have been quite apathetic about food lately. Mostly I could take it or leave it, a combination of being busy, focusing on the kids and lack of sleep. To inspire myself (and you) to think of yummy healthy things I’m going to list my favourite discoveries this month:

  1. Pot roasted beef  using Dandaragan Organic Beef – great for a meal then in a wrap with roasted pumpkin, haloumi and spinach. Check out their website for recipes and places to buy it, Dandaragan Organic Beef.
  2. Loving Earth Raw Dark Chocolate. So far I’ve only tried this one and the Goji berry one but they have the most amazing array of flavour combinations. I get mine in my weekly organic delivery but you can also buy straight from their website, Loving Earth.
  3. Haloumi – in wraps, by itself, in a salad – the list is endless, just make sure to grill or fry it to make it amazing. Available pretty much everywhere.
  4. Coconut milk smoothies – this morning as well as scrambled eggs on toast, Julian, Leo and I had a coconut milk smoothie with banana and yoghurt – delicious!
  5. Green Tea – I don’t even like the stuff but the Byron Bay Energy tea is delicious. It contains green tea and berries so you don’t get that bitter Green tea after taste! I got it from Bodhi J Day Spa after an amazing facial, massage and hair treatment on Saturday (very special treat for myself after Leo’s big operation and two months of no sleep). But you can buy from their website at Byron Bay Tea Company.

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