Thermomix I Want To Kiss You!

Yesterday was a great day.

I worked out the perfect way to juice in the Thermomix.

I used my Enjo fruit and vege mesh bags to strain. I have quite a few of them so they can be on rotation and then I can just pop them in the wash when I am done.

There was absolutely no pulp and it seemed whatever combination I put in there worked and made a sensational tasting juice.

Yesterday’s combinations:

1 carrot, an apple, watermelon, two handfuls of spinach, coconut water, ice.

2 carrots, an apple, 2 stalks of kale, coconut water, ice.

1 apple and  2 carrots , water, ice.

I was pretty happy with the discovery and the sheer volume of fruit and vegetables I had, excluding my meals.

I am still finding my feet so I am a little hesitant putting new vegetables in the juicer but this morning I popped in some bok choy, kale, lemon, apple, coocnut water and ice.


The amazing thing?

The whole family had a taste! Even my husband…he even grudgingly agreed to have a juice every morning with me. I told him that was the strongest tasting one!

Have a great weekend.

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