The Winter Boogie

It’s been a week under house arrest in my household.

Although I wasn’t sick, I happened to be sentenced to a week of full service.

“I want, I need, can you get me, hold me, can you make it warmer, where are you…”

And that was just my husband.

I had two down and one on the sidelines, looking like he could go too. Daniel with bronchitis, Julian with the ear infection, Leo just….grumpy.

Wherever I look there are tissues, sticky medicine spots or someone in need of water, food and re-clothing. Julian has yet to be convinced of the genius of tissues and much prefers his tops to wipe his nose.

He has also stuck to his medicinal aversion, so I had to mix it into some treats. Here he is enjoying his anti-biotic laden ice-cream.

Unfortunately the dog also devoured half of Julian’s Nutella toast (with a side of nurofen and antibiotic)  and after a frantic call to the vet I had to look out for signs of illness from the dog as well.

I wheeled out the good food, natural medicine, modern medicine and love. I played nurse, maid and single parent with a smile.

I was rewarded.

Today, I was yet again at Kindy drop-off. Leo went to sleep for an hour and a half when we got home  and then I went to meet a girlfriend for coffee and shopping. Despite forgetting the pram and having to carry my six-month old everywhere, I had a great day. I devoured the most delicious chocolate croissant of my life and found a hat that looks good on me for my upcoming Broome trip (this hat will inexplicably look incredibly dorky on me next year but that’s just how it is with me and hats).

Tomorrow I have a date with a day spa.

Yay me.

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